Fake News About IIT JEE 2011 Paper Leak

1st April, 2011 New Delhi
"Hey, do you need the IIT-JEE paper, I checked it online. Sold out only for 2000 Bucks" was the message that kept being tweeted all day long on Social Networking sites, like facebook, hi5, Orkut etc. In a season of exams where people keep looking for loop holes in the system, First of April chipped in with lots of fake buzz. “ IIT JEE Paper Leaked ” became the hottest topic of discussion and it’s expected to stay that way in the coming weeks.                

Where to Download 2011 IIT-JEE Paper from?

was the most searched and posted keyword on the first of April, the "April Fool’s Day". It resulted into lots of instant calls and chats. It also created this fuming buzz of "leaked IIT-JEE 2011 paper", kept people away from Gmail and Yahoo, and busy chatting. On Facebook or "FB", a Free Download Paper IIT-JEE 2011 with some sample Questions was attached and sent to many users. As an anti wave, few neglected the FB buzz and confirmed here at askIITians.

JEE 2011 Papers Leaked

was the hottest news, or rumor you can say on the 1st of April, yesterday; and it’s definitely here to stay for some time.

It started on the social networking sites most likely. On Facebook, starting with a few users (mostly IIT-JEE aspirants), this became the status of many. People’s walls were spammed with discussions on IIT-JEE 2011Papers Leaked, Question Papers of IIT-JEE 2011 available for sale, free download IIT-JEE 2011 Question Papers etc. etc. Some of the users even received links for download.It was not restricted to Facebook though. Hi5 and Orkut followed with the news spreading faster.

The initial response to this was eagerness with some apprehension. Most thought it to be one of the pranks on the April Fool’s Day. But then, the anxiety grew among the users, because there was nevertheless a possibility of a leaked paper, and that too IIT-JEE.Unlike other days, when everyone is busy with Top –most sites like Google, Yahoo and Gmail, people kept increasing the traffic on Facebook, Orkut and Hi5.

From instant messages to SMS, to scraps to posts, every possible way of fast communication was being used extensively.Though it’s not very sure that the papers have really been leaked, or that the link communicated on Facebook gives the actual papers. However, this is also not known for sure that it’s a rumor. And the fact that the IIT-JEE exam is on the next Sunday, the 10th of April, it becomes all the more crucial an issue. It’s definitely not easy to ignore this, with the growing discussion on the Social Networking sites.

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