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Entrance Exam Coaching institute NEET

Do you dream about pursuing your MBBS or BDS from a good Medical College? If yes, you are sharing this dream with several thousands of medical aspirants. With a handful of actual seats, there is a mammoth struggle to get through the tough entrance examinations. NEET and AIIMS being the most prominent and reputed qualifying exams that medical aspirants need to clear with good scores to pursue their dreams of becoming medical practitioners. So, the dreams you have today are just the starting point. The race has not even begun.  Eventually, it is your level of preparation that will let you sprint past, thousands of others.

While many parents and students still believe in the process of self-study, one needs to be extremely motivated to make that process a success. Top Medical Coaching Institutes assist you with an elaborate plan and strategize to prepare you well for the race. However, zeroing on the one or even getting admitted to the one seems a tough nut crack.  Our country is home to a countless good and bad coaching centers. All of them boast of preparing students well for their qualifying examinations. However, there are only a chosen few which actually help these dreams come true. Thereby, if you can get an opportunity to prepare from any of the Top 10 coaching centers for medical entrance exam do not leave it.

To go ahead with the correct coaching institute for medical, students need to list down and underline their core needs. The below-mentioned list will provide a view into the Top Coaching Centers in India for NEET UG Entrance Exam.


Top Online Medical Coaching Institutes


mystudycart was launched to offer the best coaching facilities, through the online medium. It was established with a uni-directional aim of imparting quality education to all medical aspirants in the country. The portal boasts of a strong group of experts that bring to table years of subject experience.  Moreover, they are adept at competitive examination tutoring and well versed with the specific requirements for each exam. With such experienced faculty, students are motivated to keep the level of knowledge exchange going and growing.  It is indeed a great motivator for them. Tutors offer personal attention to all students.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Offer One Year/Two Year Course for NEET

  • Crash Course and a Correspondence Course.

  • Recordings of the live sessions

  • Study material

  • Regular doubt removal sessions

INR 14000 – 184000

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askIITians is indeed one of the Best coaching institutes for Medical Exam. They have shown consistently top results with so many of their students clearing the reputed AIIMS and NEET every year. Founded by ex-IITians, the faculty on board brings along great experience in the Medical Domain.  They have moved along with quality tutoring over these years and have. They have moved along with quality tutoring over these years and have been awarded for their services. Students get to choose from a lot of courses and customize their own coaching. The portal offers a seamless interface and high-quality reference material to bolster the student knowledge and understanding. One can choose from amongst the many available packages that they have on offer. The live online classes conducted by the experienced panel of tutors can be attended from the comfortable confines of students’ home. The institute also offers class recordings for the students’ to refer later. They also conduct regular parent-teacher connect to discuss the student’s performance and understand areas of development.

Courses Offered Courses Offered Fee Range
  • 385 hr Live Lectures

  • 142 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions

  • 68 hr High Order Thinking Skills

  • 90 hr Chapter Tests (PMT Level)

  • 30 hr Unit Tests (PMT Level)

  • 30 hr  Full Test (PMT Level)

  • 15 hr SAT Subject Tests (PCB)

  • 40 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

  • 298 hr Live Lectures

  • 111 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions

  • 51 hr High Order Thinking Skills

  • 52 hr Chapter Tests (PMT Level)

  • 21 hr Unit Tests (PMT Level)

  • 78 hr SA Tests (online+offline) (PCMB)

  • 3 hr PSA Test (School Level)

  • 24 hr Full Test (School+ PMT Level) (PCB)

  • 20 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

INR 1, 52,900 – 2,88,200

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Toppr stands to be amongst the front-runner in the top-ranked ed-tech companies. With a gradual shift from offline classes to online tutoring, medical students consider Toppr as a great choice. With separate programs for different medical exams, they offer focused coaching. It could well be a frontrunner as a perfect coaching institute for AIIMS or NEET exam preparation. The platform offers seamless streaming and the tutors are much experienced to make every class interesting and knowledgeable.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Subject wise video lectures

  • Practice tools and study material for class 5 to class 12.

  • Specialized courses for NEET Preparation

  • Enrol in a customized program

  • Doubt removal sessions, practice tests, and more

  • Custom packages like Master, Advanced, Ultimate, and Custom

INR 1800/pm – 4500/pm



Etoos is a South Korean ed-tech provider that has already created a name for itself in the mother country, before establishing a base in India, in the year 2011. Since then, they have not looked back. Initially, they had set base in Kota and offered regular coaching sessions for medical aspirants, gradually shifting base to online coaching. Today, they offer the best facilities and program offerings to medical aspirants who require NEET coaching. With high-end online interfacing through comprehensive video lectures, students can prepare any and every time from the comfort of their home.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Subject wise One Year, Two Year and Three Year Courses

  • VOD (Video lecture)/Mobile Learning/USB form.

INR 5300 – 28600

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After creating a niche in the offline coaching arena, Byju’s has already created a name for itself in the ed-tech sector now. It offers high-quality tutoring to medical aspirants preparing for NEET and for engineering and other prominent entrance examinations as well. They bring to table rich expertise in the form of highly qualified tutor and a great online platform. Students get multiple opportunities to resolve their doubts and go through regular assessments. They also offer comprehensive study material based on the line of past year papers for NEET.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • One Year/Two Year courses for NEET preparation

  • Video lectures will entail complete course for NEET tips

  • Tips and tricks for revision

  • Online tutor for doubt removal

INR 40000 – 50000

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Top offline medical coaching institutes

Top Offline Medical Coaching Institutes


When it comes to medical entrance preparation, Aaksah institute is a name to reckon with. They have an established pan India presence and have shown exemplary results over the years. With hundreds of Aakashians getting through NEET and AIIMS, this one is a great choice. The institute offers regular one-year/ two-year classroom programs for the medical aspirants.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Two Year Integrated Course for NEET and AIIMS (Before Declaration of Board Results)

  • Two Year Integrated Course for NEET and AIIMS (After Declaration of Board Results)

  • XII Cum Medical Course for NEET and AIIMS

  • Regular Course for NEET and AIIMS

  • Rankers Course for NEET and AIIMS

INR 20,000 – 3,00,000

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Bansal Classes

On the same lines, Bansal Classes are also amongst the favourite of medical aspirants around. The institute also offers good alternatives for regular classrooms by way of various correspondence courses. Their reference material is inspired by the past year AIIMS and NEET exam papers. The tutors are all highly experienced and bring rich experience from the academic domain.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Courses like Bull’s Eye, Nucleus, for (One Year/Two Year Programs)

INR 55,000 – 1,75,000

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Allen Institute

Allen is also amongst the oldest and termed to be amongst the best coaching centres for NEET in India. It could well be placed ahead of all offline medical coaching centers scattered around the country. Their comprehensive study material is much sought after by students. Every year numerous students coming from Allen classes, pass the reputed AIIMS and NEET with top ranks.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • NURTURE: 2 Year Course for Class XI Students (English / Hindi Medium),

  • ENTHUSIAST: 1 Year Course for Class XII Students (English / Hindi Medium)

  • ACHIEVER:  1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2017 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium)

  • LEADER: 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared Students (English / Hindi Medium)
INR 1,06,000 – 1,10,000

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Brilliant Tutorials

Brilliant is one of the oldest and finest coaching establishments for both engineering and medical aspirants in the country. They began by offering the best correspondence courses in these areas and with the growing demand, set foot with regular classroom coaching. Today, they offer the finest choice of coaching classes for NEET and AIIMS aspirants. Of course, their study material is rich and comprehensive.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Aadhar (from class VIII)

  • Pre Foundation (from class IX and X)

  • Foundation ( for class XI )

  • Rankers (for class XII)

  • Target (for class XIII)

INR 30,000 – 80,000

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Vidya Mandir Classes

Vidya Mandir Classes are as old and famous as the likes of Aakash Classes and is one of the renowned entrance exam coaching institute for NEET. With an enriching pan India presence, the coaching centers are sought after in every city. Students throng to get admitted into the coaching programs they offer for AIIMS and NEET.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • The institute offers regular classroom courses for medical exam preparation.

  • There are one year programs (for 12th pass) and regular two year programs as well.

INR 1,40,000 – 2,80,000

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How to Choose the Best Medical Coaching Institute?

As you begin your search for the best coaching institutes for medical (MBBS) entrance exams, keep in mind that they fulfil some essential aspects.

  • Students must take a through feedback of the institute through online and offline modes. Approach teachers, seniors, and peers who have had personal experiences.

  • Understand the profile of the tutoring panel (both for online or offline institutes). Their educational background and experience will hold the key.

  • Refer past year publications and open Q&A platforms to understand their past year success rates

  • Choose an institute that is student focused. This will ensure that you will be their priority always. Whether you need an extra session, help with your doubts, or extra support to improve your results.

Whenever in doubt, begin by understanding that why would you require coaching assistance. And, how to choose the best institute for medical in India? The answer to this lies in the fact that preparing for the same goal with fellow competitors, allows you a competitive atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if that be through the offline or online mode. However, self-study tends to pose its challenges in terms of the motivation and dedication. Lack of competitive spirit can do more harm than good. When you have others running the same race as you do, you get to observe and learn. You can find a guide and mentor amongst your own circle of fellow competitors. Therefore, whenever you go about choosing that perfect coaching assistance for yourself, think through all the above mentioned points and refer all information on the top 10 institutes cited above. Take a wise decision and if you are able to zero in on the perfect Entrance Exam Coaching institute NEET or AIIMS for yourself, go all out for the entrance and scholarship exams to join the same. It will surely change your life for good.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution