Medical Coaching for NEET/ AIIMS

Medical admissions are becoming tough with every passing day. Excessive competition and changing university guidelines, do not make the journey any easier for the admission seekers. Every year higher benchmarks are set and the very next year competition increases. This is where a streamlined mechanism for medical coaching can help the applicants. Before they set foot in the examination halls, they must ooze confidence. Confidence in the subject knowledge and the skills to solve the question paper efficiently, within the stipulated time frame. 

Medical Coaching for NEET/ AIIMSaskIITians is amongst the best medical coaching institutes in the country today that offers high-quality medical coaching through different programs. One can choose the best one, per their actual requirements. From offering comprehensive two year/ one-year programs, this online institute also offers programs to focus on a specific subject and correspondence programs. So, it essentially depends on the student on what he requires.

At askIITians you can enroll for pre-medical coaching programs that are specific to NEET and AIIMS. Or, you could enroll for programs that have a specific focus on Biology for NEET/AIIMS, Physics for NEET/AIIMS, or Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS. Apart from this, class 11 and 12 students can also enroll for guidance on any one or all of these subjects.

Different Courses Offered at askIITians

As has been mentioned before, askIITians being one of the most sought-after medical coaching institutes brings about a plethora of courses to suit different students.

Let’s have a look at the different medical courses offered at askIITians:

  1. Two Year Classroom Program for PMT(AIIMS/AIPMT/SLE) and Other Medical Exams

  2. One Year Classroom Program for PMT(AIIMS/AIPMT/SLE) and Other Medical Exams

  3. One Year Classroom Program for PMT(AIIMS/AIPMT/SLE) and Other Medical Exams for 12th studying students

  4. Self-Study Course: Complete NEET/AIIMS 2-year Program and Test Series

  5. Self-Study: Biology for NEET/AIIMS

  6. Self-Study: Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS

  7. Self-Study: Physics for NEET/AIIMS


Course Details with Fee Structure

Please refer below for detailed program offerings and medical coaching fees

Course Name

Live Lectures

Doubt Removal Sessions

Thinking Skills

Chapter Tests




Full Test




Two Year Classroom Program 385 hr 142 hr 68 hr 90 hr 30 hr 15 hr     40 hr 6 Books for PCB 2,88,200 INR or 3938 USD
One Year Classroom Program 298 hr 111 hr 51 hr 52 hr 21 hr 78 hr 3 hr 24 hr 20 hr 6 Books for PCB 1,52,900 INR or 2,090 USD
One Year Classroom Program for NEET/AIIMS and Other Medical Exams for 12th studying students 297 hr 111 hr 36 hr 45 hr 21 hr 78 hr 3 hours 60 hr 20 hr 6 Books for PCB 1,52,900 INR or 2,090 USD

Self-Study Course:

 Complete NEET/AIIMS 2 year Program and Test Series

11th &12th Class (PCB) for NEET/AIIMS

  • 1500+Video Lectures
  • Study Planner
  • Revision Notes
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Test Paper with Video Solution
  • 97 chapter tests
  • 14 unit tests
  • 10 full tests
  • Course Fee: 15,900 INR- (Online Access) and 21,200 INR (Offline Access)
  • 252 Video Lectures
  • Study Planner
  • Revision Notes
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Test Paper with Video Solution
  • Course Fees: 6,360 INR (Online Access) and 7,950 INR- (Offline Access)

Benefits of Online Medical Coaching

When lakhs of medical aspirants compete for a handful of seats every year, it is the sheer confidence and the grasp on the subjects that make a few of them stand out. High-quality medical coaching aims to do just that. To make you a perfect fit amongst those handful students. Online medical coaching isn’t just a new age fad, it is a new age requirement. With the advancement of technology, we are expected to make good use of the same, wherever it proves beneficial. Online tutoring allows you the comfort and convenience to attend coaching sessions from wherever you chose to. You just need a good internet connection and the desired hardware (computer/laptop/tablet, headphones etc.). With immense overheads being saved why wouldn’t one go for it? Another important factor that distinguishes online coaching from a regular coaching is the fact that the best experts can guide you through your journey. They are not bounded by their geographical distances and can share their expertise virtually. Few other benefits include:

  • All Medical Coaching for NEET/ AIIMSclasses are scheduled after school hours so that students can comfortably manage everything

  • askIITians offers special attention to students who lag behind for any reasons

  • We offer counseling sessions to keep the students motivated

  • Live online sessions are recorded and the recordings are offered to all students for revision purposes

  • We offer comprehensive study material and notes to support our sessions

  • Students can also be a part of our discussion boards to share their thoughts and raise queries 

Process of Admission

Students from class 11th can enroll for our regular two-year program, while those who are studying in class 12th can take up a one-year program. Students who would want to enroll in any of our above-mentioned programs and want further details can get in touch with us through chat or call. You can also request a chat or return call by leaving a message. Alternatively, you could also enroll at our website for the chosen program.

What Makes askIITians Stand Out?

With so many coaching institutes for medical preparation setting base every year, what is it that makes askIITians stand out? It would be the strong knowledge base that pushes us forward. askIITians is an establishment that stands firm on the shoulders of all ex-IITians. Our Physics and Chemistry experts are all ex-IITians who bring in the requisite industry exposure and academic knowledge base. On top of that, we bring in the best Biology experts to offer specific guidance for reputed medical exams like NEET and AIIMS. These tutors have successfully coached many thousands of AIIMS and NEET aspirants over these years.

What’s more for you?

We aren’t a run of the mill coaching center where you are required to travel long distances to attend classes. You do not have to spend so much time and effort rushing here and there. Neither is there any need to look for boarding and lodging near the coaching centers.

Rather we bring the best medical coaching at your doorsteps. Yes, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of your home and attend live online sessions with us. Our tutors take you through each and every topic in required details, as in a regular offline class. What’s interesting is that you will also receive the recordings of each and every session to enable self-revision at any later stage.

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Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution