Physics for JEE Main and Advanced (Volume - 2)

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Topics Covered

  • Chapter 22: Coulomb's law and electric field

  • Chapter 23: Gauss' law

  • Chapter 24: Finding the electric potential

  • Chapter 25: Conductors

  • Chapter 26: Capacitors and capacitance

  • Chapter 27: Ohm's law

  • Chapter 28: circuit theory

  • Chapter 29: Magnetic force

  • Chapter 30: Current-Produced Magnetic Field

  • Chapter 31: Electromagnetic induction

  • Chapter 32: Alternating Fields and Current

  • Chapter 33: Nature of electromagnetic waves

  • Chapter 34: Geometrical Optics: Reflection

  • Chapter 35: Geometrical Optics: Refraction

  • Chapter 36: Optical Interference

  • Chapter 37: Special Relativity

  • Chapter 38: Light Quanta, Matter Waves

  • Chapter 39: Hydrogen Atom

  • Chapter 40: Atoms, X Rays, and Lasers

  • Chapter 41: The Nucleus


  • A The International System of Unit (SI)

  • B Some Fundamental Constants of Physics

  • C Some Astronomical Data

  • D Conversion Factors

  • E Mathematical Formulas

  • F Properties of the Elements

  • G Solved IIT-JEE problems

  • Solved IIT-JEE Physics Paper 2012

Summary Of The Book

This custom version of one of the world's most successful and popular book combines the Resnick and Halliday approach to physics with IIT-JEE entrance requirements. The readers can rely on it not only for its clear and accurate presentation of basic concepts, but also for its ability to demonstrate the power of physics in explaining the world around us.

The book explains every concept with very relevant examples and problems. Has a lot of questions, especially more than one choice type and integer based questions are worth doing.

The highlight of this version is the new end of chapter material containing all question types as per IIT-JEE pattern: Reasoning type, Multiple-choice questions and Problems. For interested students who wish to enhance their problem-solving skills further, Additional Problems have also been provided. Book is quite useful but some of the topics are in very concise form, so it is advised that students should refer to other Physics Books too to understand the concepts deeply.

Salient Features

  • Relevant insertions and deletions for complete coverage of IIT-JEE syllabus.

  • Reorganization of chapters to make the flow consistent with IIT-JEE syllabus pattern.

  • Inclusion of additional sample problems to cover all requirements of the examination.

  • Each chapter contains

  • Opening teasers giving puzzling situations open each chapter with explanation given within the text

  • Checkpoints are stopping points to know if the concepts explained are clear

  • Pointed finger to mark key sentences for quick visual identification

  • Conceptual problems for the students to grasp the topic and gain practical knowledge about problem solving

  • Well-labeled figures throughout the text to help visualizing concepts

  • Problem solving tactics with instructions to guide the students on how to attempt problems and avoid common errors

  • Sample problems solved with unique problem-solving technique, 4Cs (Conceptualize, Classify, Compute, Conclude).

  • End of chapter material containing all question types as per IIT-JEE pattern:

  • Reasoning and Assertion type

  • Multiple-choice

  • Problems

  • Answer to all Checkpoints, Reasoning type questions, Multiple-choice questions, Problems and Additional Problems at the end of each chapter.

  • Previous 5 years solved IIT-JEE problems included as appendix.

  • Solved IIT-JEE Physics Paper 2012 appended at the end of the book.

  • Seven Appendices to aid students.

  • Appendix A The International System of Unit (SI)

  • Appendix B Some Fundamental Constants of Physics

  • Appendix C Some Astronomical Data

  • Appendix D Conversion Factors

  • Appendix E Mathematical Formulas

  • Appendix F Properties of the Elements

  • Appendix G Solved IIT-JEE Problems

  • Pedagogy includes:

  • More than 250 solved problems and examples.

  • More than 100 checkpoints.

  • More than 100 reasoning type questions.

  • More than 550 multiple-choice questions.

  • More than 750 practice problems.

  • More than 250 additional problems for interested students.

  • Numerous figures and tables for reference.

  • Previous 5 years solved IIT-JEE problems included as appendix.

  • Solved IIT-JEE paper 2012 provided at end of book.


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  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
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