IA Maron has penned one of the best Calculus books for IIT JEE!

IA Maron has penned one of the best Calculus books for IIT JEE!
IA Maron book is one of the top Calculus books. In fact, it is one of the best Calculus books for IIT JEE, which students can find to attain expertise in Calculus. Askiitians advise JEE aspirants that it is enough to read and solve this book daily for one to two hours.

IA Maron Calculus books are good both for Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus. They include various kind of problems, with full explanations and illustrations. The questions are arranged in the order of increasing difficulty so that students can master them easily.

Topics covered in the book are: 

  • Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

  • Differentiation of Functions

  • Application of Differential Calculus to Investigation of Functions

  • Indefinite Integrals Basic Methods of Integration

  • Basic Classes of Integrable Functions

  • The Definite Integral

  • Applications of the Definite Integral

  • Improper Integrals

  • Answers and Hints

I. A. Maron has had years of experience of teaching at a technical college. His mathematical analysis book also has a seminar-based presentation of mathematica exercises. Each chapter starts with an introduction to theories in a concise manner, which includes definitions, theorems and formulae. Then, there is a detailed solution to one or more typical problems related to the chapter. In the end, unsolved problems are given for students to practice. These unsolved problems are similar to solved ones but have certain peculiar twists to them. Some of these unsolved problems also include hints to help students.

However, IA Maron Calculus book does not have enough problems. It also lacks practice papers. So, students will need to refer to other books for more Calculus problems.

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