Text Book of Physical Chemistry for IIT-JEE 6th Edition

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Topics covered in the book are:

  • Basics about Chemistry

  • Mole concept-1 (The basics)

  • Mole concept-2 (Chemical formulae)

  • Mole concept-3 (Concentration measurement)

  • Balancing redox equations

  • Mole concept-4

  • Calculations in organic chemistry

  • Equivalent concept

  • Advanced stoichiometry-i (acid base and precipitation titrations)

  • Advanced stoichiometry-ii (redox titrations)

  • Gaseous state : ideal gas equation

  • Gaseous state : kinetic theory of gases

  • Gaseous state : Euidiometry

  • Gaseous state : Non-ideal gases

  • Atomic structure-1 (Waves & particles)

  • Atomic structure-2 (Bohr's theory)

  • Atomic structure-3 (Quantum mechanical model)

  • Nuclear chemistry

  • Chemical bonding-1

  • Chemical bonding-2

  • Chemical bonding-3 (Dipole moment, faian's rule, hydrogen bonding)

  • The liquid state

  • Thermodynamics 1st law

  • Thermochemistry

  • Thermodynamics 2nd law

  • Chemical kinetics

  • Radioactivity

  • Chemical equilibrium

  • Vapour pressure (Phase equilibrium)

  • Colligative properties of solution

  • Ionic equilibrium-ist (Ionisation constants and ph)

  • Ionic equilibrium-iind (Buffers, indicators and titration)

  • Ionic equilibrium-iiird (Solubility and complexation equilibria)

  • Solid state

  • Adsorption

  • The colloidal state ? (Surface chemistry)

  • Electrochemistry-1 (Electrodes and electrode potentials)

  • Electrochemistry-2 (Cell thermodynamics and Nernst’s equation)

  • Electrochemistry-3 (Electrolytic cells and electrolysis)

  • Electrochemistry-4 (Electrolytic conductance)

Text Book of Physical Chemistry for IIT-JEE 6th Edition is an attempt to present Physical Chemistry in a wholly new, advanced and a stimulating style. The whole text has been divided into 40 chapters and these are very detailed. The Mole Concept, which is the heart of Physical Chemistry, has been discussed in 10 chapters. Some very important topics like Atomic Structure, Gaseous State, Chemical Bonding, Ionic Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, and Thermodynamics etc., have further been divided into 2-4 chapters each, so as to discuss them exhaustively. The best part of this book is that it has all-encompassing and well-written theory. It has varied level of thought-provoking questions and problems in the form of Concept Testing Exercises, Concept Building Exercises, and Objective Exercises. The most structured aspect of this book is its logical order or sequencing of solved examples and questions. It is a new and innovative presentation supported by innumerable number of figures, pictures, Data tables, computer generated graphs or structures, interesting related facts in boxes, analogies, pictorial representation of crucial concepts. This is done to make learning easy and interesting in Disha Physical Chemistry book.


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