Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee (5th Edition)

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Topics covered in the book are:

Part I Theoretical Concepts And Hydrogen

  • Atomic structure and the Periodic table

  • Introduction to bonding

  • The ionic bond

  • The covalent bond

  • The metallic bond

  • General properties of the elements

  • Coordination compounds

  • Hydrogen and the hydrides

Part II  The S-Block Elements

  • Group 1 - The alkali metals

  • The chlor-alkali industry

  • Group 2 - The alkaline earth elements

Part III The P-Block Elements

  • The group 13 elements

  • The group 14 elements

  • The group 15 elements

  • Group 16 - the chalcogens

  • Group 17 - the halogens

  • Group 18 - the noble gases

Part IV  The D-Block Elements

  • An introduction to the transition elements

  • Group 3 - The scandium group

  • Group 4 - The titanium group

  • Group 5 - The vanadium group

  • Group 6 - The chromium group

  • Group 7 - The manganese group

  • Group 8 - The iron group

  • Group 9 - The cobalt group

  • Group 10 - The nickel Group

  • Group 11 - The copper group: Coinage metals

  • Group 12 - The zinc group

Part V The F-Block Elements

  • The lanthanide series

  • The actinides

Part VI Other Topics

  • The atomic nucleus

  • Spectra

Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th Edition by J. D. Lee, in its fifth edition has been thoroughly revised, yet it remains faithful to the principles that have established it as a favourite among teachers and students across the world. This book provides a concise and relevant treatment of inorganic chemistry and is written with such clarity that it is undoubtedly among the easiest to read among its competitors. It contains such illustrations and diagrams that makes it appeal very interesting to its readers. Though the number of numerical is a little less, but that doesn’t stop it from being the best read to grasp the basics and simultaneously develop a taste in Inorganic Chemistry.

The best part of J. D. Lee Inorganic Chemistry book is that it is disintegrated into various fragments, which enables the reader to look up and find exactly the portion one wants to study. This is a very helpful book if you are preparing for JEE Main or JEE Advanced.


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