O.P. Agarwal Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced 10th Edition

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The Book Contains:

  •  Classification and Nomenclature,

  •  General Organic Chemistry,

  •  Reactions and their Mechanisms,

  •  Stereochemistry,

  •  Hydrocarbons,

  •  Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives,

  •  Polymers,

  •  Practical Organic Compounds.

Organic Chemistry by O.P. Agarwal covers almost entire syllabus of IIT JEE, has good explanation of the concepts but the main  focus of the book is on the questions.

Organic chemistry by O. P. Agarwal contains lots of mcqs  and subjective questions pertaining to Reaction Mechanisms, Identification of Organic Compounds, Organic Conversions, and the problems which involve application of multiple concepts. The huge collection of question contains

a)   776 MCQs  with 1 Correct answer

b)   288 MCQs with more than 1 correct answer

c)   398 subjective questions

d)  258 passage based questions,

e)   95 Assertion-Reasoning questions,

f)    69 Multiple Matching questions

g)   27 True or False questions.

The book is quite good but the students are advised to refer to other books to in order to get in-depth details of the concepts.


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  • Previous Year Papers
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