Physical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced: 7th Edition

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Physical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced 7 edition is a good book to begin preparations on Physical Chemistry for both the JEE Main and Advanced. This book is an exhaustive source of information on the subject. The concepts are well-defined with data tables, diagrams, graphs and interesting facts for better understanding of the students. This book has over 140 Concept Testing Exercises and more than 150 Concept Building Exercises as well. It also provides examples of various types of questions which can appear in the exam- like MCQs, Passage Questions, Subjective Integer Questions, Matrix Type Questions, Subjective Questions and the questions with more than one correct answer.

Shishir Mittal Physical Chemistry  for JEE Main and Advanced 7 edition is divided into 40 chapters out of which 10 are devoted to the Mole Concept solely. Many important topics like Atomic Structure, Gaseous State, Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics are covered in two to four chapters. Also, apart from these, topics like Kinetic Theory of Gases, Eudiometry, Advanced Stoichiometry, Vapour Pressure, Redox Reactions, Nuclear Chemistry, and Surface Chemistry have also been covered well.


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