JEE/ISEET Super Course in Chemistry Inorganic 1st Edition

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JEE/ISEET Super Course in Chemistry Inorganic 1st Edition by Trishna Knowledge Systemsis a class-tested course content package for fool-proof success at the JEE/ISEET and other engineering entrance exams. Each volume in this series is meticulously planned and structured in a way so as to help students understand the concepts and fundamental principles of Inorganic Chemistry and learn to apply them successfully in finding solutions to problems. Every title in the Super Course series follows a unique and user-friendly approach, which comes with features such as the concept strands, topic grips concept connectors, and the JEE assignment exercises. All these are much more, make the process of learning and preparation for the coveted JEE/ISEET, as well as the other entrance exam pursuit easy as well as really enjoyable.

JEE/ISEET Super Course in Chemistry Inorganic 1st Edition,is a very useful book for a quick time revision. It contains many questions types ranging from subjective to multiple choice to statement type and so on. It is one of the best books for last minute revisions.


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Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution