Essential Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced

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Topics covered in the book are:

  • Chapter 1. Mole Concept and Reaction Stoichiometry

  • Chapter 2. Equivalent Concept and Neutralization Titration

  • Chapter 3. Redox Reactions

  • Chapter 4. Gaseous State Temperature and pressure

  • Chapter 5. Solid State

  • Chapter 6. Thermochemistry

  • Chapter 7. Thermodynamics Chemical energetics : An overview Potential and kinetic energies Chemical energy Energetics of chemical reactions

  • Chapter 8. Atomic Structure

  • Chapter 9. Chemical Bonding

  • Chapter 10. Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity Fundamental nuclear particles and their Neutral properties Naturz

  • Chapter 11. Chemical Equilibrium Concept of equilibrium Simult

  • Chapter 12. Ionic Equilibrium

  • Chapter 13. Chemical Kinetics

  • Chapter 14. Colligative Properties of Dilute Solutions

  • Chapter 15. Electrochemistry Chemistry and electricity

  • Chapter 16. The Colloidal State The colloidal system : An introduction

  • Chapter 17. Adsorption — The Surface Phenomenon

  • Appendices

Essential physical chemistry by RanjeetShahi, is one of the best book for the General Knowledge of Physical Chemistry. It is a great book with excellent graded problems. As per the claim of the book, the theory is very straightforward and there is no use of unnecessary detailing wherever not necessary. Thus, when you purchase this book, yu must be aware that will not get into teaching you the basics. But on the other hand if you know the basics, then this book is the best one to give you a great headstart for the competitive examinations you are due t face.

Essential physical chemistry for JEE Main by RanjeetShahi, works best to develop a competitive attitude as you go on preparing from it and get closer and closer to the exams. It is excellently priced at what it delivers to its readers.


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