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IE Irodov Physics has problems with high difficulty level!

IE Irodov Physics has problems with high difficulty level!


IE Irodov Physics is a good book for solving Physics numercals. It includes good conceptual questions with a variety covering every topic. However, the book includes very tough problems that one does not really need to master, according to the current IIT syllabus.

Solving Irodov Physics problems requires clear understanding of Physics concepts and is very time-consuming. Hence, JEE aspirants and engineering entrance exam aspirants are advised to read this book only in their free time. For this, one can download Irodov Physics pdf online too.

Irodov Physics book is divided into six parts. It has a preface at the beginning of the book and chapter-wise answers and solutions at the end of the book. There are appendices at the end of the book too.

 Topics covered in the book are: 

  • Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics

  • Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics

  • Electrodynamics

  • Oscillations and Waves

  • Optics

  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

The best covered topics in IE Irodov Physics book are Basis of Vector, Trigonometry and Calculus. The book does not contain detailed solutions to the problems in the book, which might be frustrating to students. For Irodov Physics solutions, you can contact subject experts at Askiitians who offer detailed explanations and can help you understand how to solve the problems using illustrations and graphical representations.

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