LA Sena Physics is a good read!

LA Sena Physics is a good read!

A Collection Of Questions And Problems In Physics by L A Sena is a good book but one cannot depend on it entirely for JEE preparation. Topics best covered in the book are Mechanics and Atomic and Nuclear Physics. However, the LA Sena Physics book lacks detailed explanation on topics like Optics and Wave.

LA Sena Physics books helps students to develop the application of Physics fundamentals and knowledge and develop practical skills to solve the problems of technology and modern science. It has been written for students already in technical colleges. The Physics book by L A Sena has been written in the way that students can use it for self-instruction and to solve problems before their term exams.

Topics covered in the book are: 

  •     Fundamentals of mechanics

  •     Molecular physics and thermodynamics

  •     Electrostatics

  •     Direct Current

  •     Electromagnetism

  •     Oscillatory Motion and waves

  •     Alternating Current

  •     Optics

  •     Atomic and Nuclear physics

There are more than 400 questions and problems in the collection that cover all the sections of the Physics syllabus. The book has two sections – the first section has Questions and Problems topic-wise, and the second section has Answers and Solutions corresponding to the topics in the first section.

Collection of unique and conceptual questions and digrammetical solutions are a good read for those who are preparing for engineering entrance exams. Students are advised to read this book in their free hours as it is quite interesting.

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