Fundamental-Physics- Halliday, Resnick & Walker 

IIT JEE Physics haliday-and-resnic

Publisher:  Wiley

prics: Rs. 412

 About the Book:

The authors have extensively used the concept of Physics in introducing Physical Principles with the help of common day occurrences. This book is well known for IIT JEE also, it can be very useful for competitive exams after 10+2 level like:

  • Engineering (AIEEE, IIT-JEE and others)

  • Olympiad

  • NTSE

Expert Review

Lines of Appreciations (Why should I buy this book?)

Each chapter contains a description of physical principles. It is well supported by mathematical derivations of equation, description of laboratory experiments, historical backgrounds, etc followed by solved examples.

Chapters like Electro Magnetism, Rotation and Wave Optics have been covered very well in this book.

Room for improvements (Why should I keep away from this book?)

Although this book covers most of the chapters in detail but theory part of Wave Motion on a string, Sound Waves, Circular Motion are not covered so well.


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