Pinksy Physics is good for practicing problems!

Pinksy Physics is good for practicing problems!

Problems in Physics by A Pinsky
is a good book from the examination point of view. It has about 1,000 questions related to the topics in which students need more practice. Pinksy Physics Problems presents problems in the same order as the two-volume text book co-authored by AA Pinsky called ‘Fundamentals of Physics’.

The book was first published by Mir Publishers in English in 1980. The problems in the book are of a wide range – they range from ones that need elementary skills in differentiating and integrating to ones that use numerical methods.

 Topics covered in the book are: 

  • Motion and Forces

  • Conservation Laws

  • Molecular-kinetic Theory of Gases

  • Molecular Forces and States of Aggregation of Matter

  • Electrodynamics

  • Vibrations and Waves

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Physics

  • Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics

The book also includes several tables at the end to aid student learning. The best covered topics in AA Pinksy Problems in Physics are Motion and Forces, Waves, and Electrodynamics. Mir publishes offers a free download of AA Pinksy Problems in Physics pdf.

Pinksy Physics lacks explanations which might be a deterrant for the students who are beginning to learn the concepts and theories of the subject. Students are advised to solve problems in their free hours as a practice.

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