Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry for JEE/ISEET 1st Edition


Topics covered in the book are:

Chapter 1 Periodic Properties and Chemical Bonding
Chapter 2 Alkali Metals
Chapter 3 Group-II Alkaline Earth Metals
Chapter 4 Group13-Boron Family
Chapter 5 Group14-Carbon Family
Chapter 6 Group15-Nitrogen Family
Chapter 7 Group16-Oxygen Family
Chapter 8 Group17-Halogens
Chapter 9 Group18-Noble Gases
Chapter 10 Hydrogen
Chapter 11 Co-ordination Chemistry
Chapter 12 Transition Elements (d-block) and Their Compounds
Chapter 13 Principles of Metallurgy
Chapter 14 Salt Analysis

Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry by Ananya Ganguly, for JEE/ISEET is based on the author’s class notes. Ananya is a well renowned Chemistry teacher who runs an institute to train students in Chemistry for IIT, which is every engineering aspirant’s dream, and other entrance exams.This book is entirely based on the author’s unique coaching methods, which have been taken from her class notes. This book presents each topic in a structured and lucid manner which makes it to be completely student friendly. This book is a definitive guide to those preparing for JEE and other competitive exams that include a test of chemistry knowledge.

Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry for JEE/ISEETthrives on the fact that chemistry which is covered in competitive exams, should be presented to the engineering aspirants in such a way which is exactly competition oriented. This is entirely different from how Chemistry looks in the school books.


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