Comprehensive Chemistry - JEE Advanced 2017 1st Edition

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Topics covered in the book are:


  • The Concept of Atoms and Molecules

  • Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States

  • Atomic Structure

  • Periodicity of Properties of Elements

  • Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • Energetics

  • Chemical Equilibria

  • Electrochemistry

  • Solutions

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Surface Chemistry

  • Nuclear Chemistry


  • Non-Metals

  • Compounds of Metals

  • Compounds of Nonmetals 1

  • Transition Elements

  • Ores/Minerals and Extractive Metallurgy

  • Exercises in Inorganic Chemistry


  • Hybridization, Isomerism and Nomenclature

  • Inductive and Resonance Effects

  • Alkanes

  • Alkenes

  • Alkynes

  • Benzene

  • Alkyl and Aryl Halides

  • Alcohols and Ethers

  • Aldehydes and Ketones

  • Carboxylic Acids

  • Phenols

  • Amines 3

  • Carbohydrates

  • Amino Acids and Peptides

  • Polymers

  • Exercises in Organic Chemistry

Comprehensive Chemistry by MHE is a good book to learn Physical Chemistry. It has a lot of numerical questions with detailed step by step examples. It comes exceptionally useful if you have around a quarter of a year at hand for JEE preparations as it has got a lot to practice from. Solution quality is excellent and very easy to grasp. The theory is also very easy to comprehend and can be easily understood by the students. As you will start going through the chapters, you will find yourselves getting more thorough about the different concepts.

Comprehensive Chemistry JEE Advanced 2017 is very much on the lines of JEE and covers all types of questions ranging across single choice, MCQs- multiple choice, assertion type, comprehension type, matrix type and even subjective questions as well. If you are sticking to this book, it will not furnish you with unnecessary details but the journey will be to-the-point and very crisp.


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