Solomons & Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry 10th Edition 

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The Book Contains:

  • The Basics: Bonding and Molecular Structure.

  • Families of Carbon Compounds: Functional Groups, Intermolecular Forces, and Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy.

  • An Introduction to Organic Reactions And Their Mechanisms: Acids And Bases.

  • Nomenclature and Conformations Of Alkanes And Cycloalkanes.

  • Stereochemistry: Chiral Molecules.

  • Ionic Reactions: Nucleophilic Substitution And Elimination Reactions of Alkyl Halides.

  • Alkenes and Alkynes I: Properties and Synthesis. Elimination Reactions of Alkyl Halides.

  • Alkenes and Alkynes Ii: Addition Reactions.

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectrometry: Tools for Structure Determination.

  • Radical Reactions.

  • Alcohols and Ethers.

  • Alcohols from Carbonyl Compounds: Oxidation--Reduction and Organometallic Compounds.

  • Answers to Selected Problems.

Solomons & Faryhl’s Organic Chemistry 10th Edition contains almost everything related to organic chemistry of IIT JEE syllabus. The book contains every detail of the concept. It is a very good book to learn the organic chemistry with well explained concepts and reaction mechanisms. One of the most recommended books for organic chemistry, solomaons organic chemistry has an easy to understand language and approach to the concepts of organic chemistry. Very good book but the student must know what to study from the book as the syllabus of the book covers a vast area of organic chemistry.  Book is recommended to be used while keeping syllabus of IIT JEE in mind. Students should refer to some other books to in order to get some more practice questions and solved problems.


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