Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE 1st Edition

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Topics covered in the book are:

1. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

2. General Properties of the Elements

3. Chemical Bonding

4. Hydrolysis

5. Coordination Compounds

6. Metallurgy

7. Qualitative Salt Analysis

8. Hydrogen and the Hydrides

9. The s-Block Elements and their Compounds

  • Group 1 - The Alkali Metals

  • The Chlor-Alkali Industry

  • Group 2 - The Alkaline Earth Elements

10. The p-Block Elements and their Compounds

  • The Group 13 Elements

  • The Group 14 Elements

  • The Group 15 Elements

  • The Group 16 Elements - Chalcogens

  • The Group 17 Elements - The Halogens

  • The Group 18 Elements Noble Gases

11. The d-Block Elements and some of their Compounds


  • Appendix A Abundance of the Elements in the Earth’s Crust

  • Appendix B Melting Points of the Elements

  • Appendix C Boiling Points of the Elements

  • Appendix D Densities of the Solid and Liquid Elements

  • Appendix E Electronic Structures of the Elements

  • Appendix F Some Average Single Bond Energies and Some Double and Triple Bond Energies

  • Appendix G Solubilities of Main Group Compounds in Water

  • Appendix H Atomic Weights Based on 12 C = 12.000

  • Appendix I Values of Some Fundamental Physical Constants

  • Appendix J Electrical Resistivity of the Elements at the Stated Temperature

  • Appendix K Hardness of Minerals - Mohs’ Scale

  • Index

Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE 1st Edition by J. D. Lee and SudarshanGuha,is a great book for JEE preparation. It is a concise form of the great J.D book but made especially from the point of view of JEE preparation. Thus it has all the necessary part of JEE minus the other irrelevant content. Not only that, but it also has some additional chapters which is in the course of JEE but not included in the curriculum of CBSE. The book on one hand is very mchupto the level of JEE but on the other hand is very easy to comprehend.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by Guha and Lee has everything to it which makes it a must buy for any JEE aspirant. Whether you are doing your final revisions, or you are doing a concept building for JEE, in both the cases this book will come extremely handy for you.


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