Last Minute Tips Tricks to Maximize your score in JEE Main 2019


Tips Tricks to Maximize your score in JEE Main 2019This Sunday, lakhs of engineering aspirants will appear for JEE Main 2019. Most of them would have studied day and night for the last three months, and many have been slogging for two years to prepare for the exam well.

Now that you have covered the entire syllabus, have solved several full-length practice papers, model tests and previous year JEE Main question papers, and are almost done with your revision, here are some smart last-minute tips for JEE Main 2019 and important topics that you may want to have a last look at before entering the examination hall:


In Coordinate Geometry, do not try to solve equations. Just put the given options in the equation and check what fits. It will save you considerable time.
  • In Integration problems, just differentiate the given options and find out the correct answer.

  • Similarly, in Differentiation problems, integrate the given options and see what fits.

  • In Algebra, most of the questions are property-based. Look at the options carefully to see which one has an anomaly. In 99% cases, option with the anomaly will be the right answer.

  • In Quadratic Equations, 90% questions are based on properties of alpha, beta and gamma where you have to find the sum of roots or the product of roots. Make sure you know the properties well and the rules that need to be kept in mind to solve such questions.Tips Tricks

  • In questions based on Complex Numbers, read the question carefully to find out if the answer would be an imaginary number or a real number. Mostly two options are necessarily real numbers. Eliminate the choices that don’t fit and then, try to check which one should be the correct answer.


  • The quickest way to solve a Physics question is to read the question carefully and find out what should be the unit of the answer. Check the options with correct units and then, work on them.

  • Most Optics related questions have only one-step solutions. Compare options with the given question and you can easily see which one would be the correct choice.

  • Electricity related questions are property-based. Read them carefully and you will find out that only one or at the most two options satisfy the property in question. It will help you to get to the correct answer quickly.


  • Periodic Table questions are undoubtedly based on properties of various elements. If you know them well, you will surely net those marks.

  • Thermodynamics is a common topic in both Physics and Chemistry. Thermodynamics question asked in one subject is generally based on the same concept as asked in another subject, with just the opposite logic. Same thing is applicable to Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry as well.

  • 45-50% questions in Chemistry are from Organic Chemistry. Hence, you should know all its reactions and our word chart quite well.  Compare options with the reactions; only one or two are relevant.

  • Physical Chemistry questions are always numerical, intercepted with questions on Electrochemistry. Knowing this, it will be easier to solve questions from both these topics.

All these JEE Main tips & tricks have been offered by ex-IITians with over a decade of experience in helping other students prepare for IIT JEE and other prominent engineering entrance exams.
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