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IB Students may not Get Engineering Seats Due to Late Results


The directorate of technical education that conducts the admissions in various engineering colleges across the state of Maharashtra will exclude candidates from the international board. The candidates will be admitted this year by the state on the basis of the scores of Grade 12 as well as the JEE Main marks. But a number of IB candidates will not able to get into any engineering college because their results are going to be declared on the 1st week of July.

In fact, even those candidates whose results were declared in the month of January and passed with "A" level results will have to take admission for engineering study outside the state because DTE does not possess any details regarding the IB results in order to draw the percentile marks of the students. Generally, two exams sessions are conducted by IB per year. The results for the examination held on the month of May will be declared on 5th July and for the November session it will be issued on the 5th of January.

The director of DTE, Mr. S K Mahajan stated that the process of drawing students on the basis of the merit list has been started. The merit list is based on the scores of chemistry, physics as well as maths in Grade 12. He also stated that it is not possible to wait till the 5th of July to get the “A” level results of the IB board. He added, a schedule is followed for the admission procedure and they have to adhere to it properly.

Moreover, as the state do not possesses the global results of the students passing with "A" level results declared in the month of January, so it will be quite impossible to draw the percentile scores. DTE has recently sought suggestion from Indian Statistical Institute regarding the admission of students from different boards. Accordingly, it is decided to admit candidates on the basis of the percentile scores. According to the formula of the state, same importance is being given to the JEE Main and Grade 12 scores. As per the statement given by a DTE office, they will gather the PCM scores of all Grade XII ISC and CBSE candidates, covert the same to percentile and halve them as well. The JEE Main percentile marks will be added to it and finally the merit list can be prepared from that.


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