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Is IIT Only for Geniuses? Of course not!

As one clears Class X board exams and manages to secure a seat in Physics-Chemistry-Maths (PCM) stream in Class XI, the goal of becoming an IITian (or at least NITian) seems to become a mass hysteria and one pervasive dream of all the school students. Most of the students join big IIT coaching classes in Class XI and are sure that they will make it to the IIT. But then, they do not fare well in the very first test of the coaching centre…and they start losing hope.

After the second test, some more start wondering, “I am not that bright. Can I even make it to the IIT? Even if do secure a seat at a good engineering college, will I be able to survive there and clear the semesters?” Deep in their heart, they grow restless and hopeless and prepare not for their success in IIT JEE but their impending failure. By the time students complete Class XI, about 60% students have already decided that they are going to fail in JEE exams or other engineering entrance exams. Only about 40% students manage to keep the fire and desire of being an IITian still alight.

GoalsThis article is for students who think they are not so bright. First things first, there are just two kinds of students: ones who read something once and remember it forever, and ones who really have to work and study hard to reach their goals. These are just the two types. Each and every IIT has students who have more than average intelligence, and students who managed to reach there just on the merit of their hard work. Here are some of the characteristics of ‘Geniuses’:

  • A Genius can solve each and every problem is less than a minute.

  • Such a person can solve problems quite speedily. It is possible that you are still reading a question and they already have an answer in hand.

  • Their concentration level is indeed enviable.

  • They are able to think of doubts and questions that a ‘normie’ can’t even think about.

They may have several other qualities but these suffice for now. Now, to compete with such ‘superhuman beings’, we must know what we have and what we don’t have. Once we know what qualities we are looking for, we can always develop them through ‘hard work’. Here are the tools of an average student that you can use to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced with flying colours:

3Ds (Desire, Dedication and Discipline)

3Ds (Desire, Dedication and Discipline)This is the hardest part of your JEE preparation. While you might have friends who study for 2-3 hours and know all the Physics, Maths and Chemistry concepts by heart, you will have to devote more time to really study and grasp them. The trick is not to let your desire die, fire away your dedication and be disciplined enough to stick to your study schedule.

Equip yourself with a great Study Plan

Study PlanA great study plan can go a long way in turning you from an average Joe to a JEE topper.Learn how to make an ideal study plan here!Follow each one of your points religiously and always be prepared for the tests and exams. The good point is that following your time table and preparing for tests will start giving you results right after the first few months. You will start scoring more and will soon find yourself one among the toppers in your coaching class. It will boost your confidence and will help you garner more support from teachers, parents and even your fellow students.

Ask Questions and get Doubts cleared

Ask Questions and get Doubts clearedIf you are afraid of asking questions, you will never be able to get your doubts cleared. So, set aside your shame and be confident enough to ask questions. If others think you are a 'fool' to ask a particular question, it is their problem and not yours. Your goal should be to understand everything in the book. Ask any question you want and as many times as you want - from your teachers, coaching directors, and even fellow students. Believe me, soon enough, there will be other students who will come to you to get their problems solved.

In the IIT campus too, you will find a pretty mix of Olympiad winners, toppers and ‘geniuses’ with just-your-average students who just work hard and manage to stay afloat every semester. Many times, these ‘average’ students are able to get better jobs than the ‘geniuses’ who give up after sometime. Whenever and wherever, there is a turtle-and-hare race, do not feel ashamed to be the turtle. Recognise your weaknesses and endeavour to get past them. Not all IITians are master minds. They just changed their destiny with their hard work. You can do it too.


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