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PIO and OCI Card Holders Admission Options - IIT JEE Advanced

As per JEE rules Foreign Nationals who are planning to apply for IIT also have to take the same test as Indian citizens, the JEE Advanced. Hence it makes it easier for PIO and OCI holders to apply for JEE Advanced and go through the same procedure as Indian citizens. Only drawback will be the Reservation. As I mentioned in previous posts there are no Reservations for PIO and OCI card holders even though Parents (if Indian Citizens) qualify.

They have to apply for JEE Main (from 2013 qualifier of JEE Advanced is JEE Main test) and mention whether they are PIO or OCI in their online application. They write JEE main, if qualified write JEE Advanced. They will fall under General Category and will ranked along with Indian citizens. If shortlisted and opted they go for admission to IIT in par with the General category Indian citizens
On the day of admission they will be asked to get a letter from Parents / Guardians to be their point of contact and Supporters of his/her education. Fees for IIT differ for Foreign Nationals but definitely less than Private Engineering colleges normal Fees. (Few IITs ask for Foreign Nationals, fee few don't)
Few links of IITs (some include Fees structure too)
Chennai - IIT Madras -
The procedure is same for all IITs. Fees may vary. 

So, it doesn't matter whether you are PIO, OCI or Indian citizen when it comes to IIT admission.

All the best..


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