JEE Main Chemistry Preparation Tips 


Do you know that students often consider Chemistry as one of the easiest sections in JEE Main? We cannot say why many students feel so but one thing that we can ensure is that Chemistry is a scoring subject in JEE Main. We have seen from the past couple of years that the Chemistry section is of easy to moderate difficulty level. In other words, we can say that attempting the questions of this section is much easier than attempting the questions of the other two sections. The Chemistry syllabus includes many interesting topics that can help students score higher marks in the JEE Main examination. So, without any further ado, let’s check out some latest tips on how to prepare for the JEE Main Chemistry section. 


JEE Main Chemistry Important Topics 

Firstly, you must take a look at the Chemistry syllabus for JEE Main and make a list of topics that you have not studied before. You must start understanding those concepts and keep revising the topics that you have studied on an alternate basis. This way, you will be able to complete all the topics. If you join askIITians JEE Main coaching, we will provide you with a study planner on how and when to study a Chemistry topic. Now, let us take a look at some of the important topics. 

Sub-section of Chemistry in JEE Main 

Overall Weightage in JEE Main (%) 

Important Topic

Weightage of the Topic (%)

Physical Chemistry


Basic Concepts


States of Matter and Solutions




Atomic Structure


Redox and Electrochemistry


Chemical Kinetics


Surface Chemistry




Organic Chemistry


Basic Principles


Hydrocarbons and its Substituents


O containing Compounds


N containing Compounds


Biomolecules & Polymers


Environmental & Everyday-life Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry


Coordination Compounds


Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure


Classification of Elements and Periodicity


P-Block Elements


D & F Block Elements


Hydrogen and S-block Elements



As you know that chemistry is divided into three subsections: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Each section includes some important topics as per the weightage given in the table above. You can take note of these topics and study them first. We have also estimated the importance of topics based on the marks associated with them based on JEE Mains previous year's papers. We have therefore divided the topics into 5 different categories: 


Easy Topics- 1 to 2 Marks

Moderate yet Scoring- 3 to 4 Marks

Difficult yet Scoring- 2 to 3 Marks

Less Important but Scoring- 1 to 2 Marks

Previously Appeared in JEE Main/ Advanced- 1 to 2 Marks

IUPAC Nomenclature

Mole Concept

Atomic Structure

Chemical Equilibrium

Transition Element and Coordination Chemistry

Periodic Table (Basics)

Coordination Chemistry

Gaseous State

Ionic Equilibrium

Periodic Table and Representative Elements

Chemical Bonding

Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers



Gaseous State

p-Block element

Aldehydes and Ketones

Hydrogen and its Compounds

Atomic structure

d & f Block Elements

s-Block Elements


General Organic Chemistry

Isomerism of Organic Compounds

Solution and Colligative Properties

Environmental Chemistry

General Organic Chemistry

Solid State

Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives

Chemical Kinetics



Carbohydrate, Amino Acids and Polymer


Qualitative Salt Analysis

Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides

Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives





Surface Chemistry

Chemistry in Everyday Life


*Please note that this information is generated based on the previous year's JEE Main papers. 


JEE Main Chemistry Preparation: Basic Tips 

Now that you have a list of topics to prepare for the JEE Main Chemistry section. Here’s what you need to do.

#1 Ensure a strong foundation 

You must get the basic knowledge about all these concepts. We have seen students who start practising JEE mock tests straight away and then feel disheartened because they are unable to perform well. You must focus on grasping the concepts from the root level first and that can be done by reading NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class 11 and Class 12. NCERT books include all the fundamental concepts related to JEE Main chemistry and once you will be through these books, you will see a tremendous change in your JEE Main mock tests. 


Yes, of course, you can practice questions from other advanced-level books and enhance your conceptual understanding. But, the key here is to gain basic knowledge first. 


#2 Do not study from every book/resource 

We know that you can find hundreds of online free Chemistry notes for JEE, YouTube videos etc. but it does not mean that you have to read/watch all of them. The more resources you will have for studying the same topics the more confused you will be. This is because every author has a different way of explaining the same topic. So, keep your resources limited but make sure that you read the best books available to you. 


At askIITians, we provide special booklets for JEE Main Chemistry that include theory along with practice questions for each and every topic. You can consider our study material for every chapter of JEE Main Chemistry. You can also check out our revision notes and mind maps once you enrol with our online JEE Main coaching classes. 


#3 Solve as many sample papers as you can 

Practice is the key to winning JEE Main! The more mock tests, previous papers, sample papers, and daily practice papers you will solve, the more confident you will be for JEE Main. This is because, when you will practise many different questions, you will be able to apply the same concept in a variety of ways. This will help you gain a better understanding of the Chemistry concepts whether it is organic, inorganic or physical chemistry. 


askIITians provides mock tests, unit-wise tests, and daily practice tests for Chemistry so that students can strengthen their conceptual understanding easily. We not only provide the tests but also evaluate them and provide feedback to every student. 


JEE Main Chemistry Preparation: Section-wise Tips

It is now time to understand how to tackle each section of JEE Main Chemistry. These tips are coined by askIITians JEE Chemistry experts keeping in mind the common challenges that students face in studying Chemistry for JEE. 


Physical Chemistry preparation tips: 

  • This section includes some important topics like thermodynamics, redox reactions, solid states, gas theory, mole concept, thermochemistry, etc. 
  • This section mainly includes numerical problems so you must remember all the formulae related to physical chemistry. 
  • Maintain a formula sheet to keep a track of all the formulas that you study. 


Organic Chemistry preparation tips: 

  • This section includes conceptual questions. 
  • Some common topics related to organic chemistry are the polarisation of carbonyl compounds, hydrogen groups, organic compounds, carbon groups, and the physical properties of organic compounds. 
  • You can practice our organic chemistry worksheets to strengthen your organic chemistry topics. 


Inorganic Chemistry preparation tips: 

  • Periodic table is the most important topic in this section. You must learn the table by heart and clearly understand the properties of elements of every group. 
  • Mindmaps are the best way to practice and memorise the periodic table. You can also use flashcards to quiz yourself regarding the different periodic table elements. 


JEE Main Chemistry Preparation: Important Books 

Best Chemistry Books for JEE Main 2022


Authors /Publisher

Name of Books



O.P. Tandon

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry 

Good, comprehensive explanations 


P. Bahadur

Numerical Chemistry 

Best for numerical problems 


J D Lee

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

Good book for inorganic chemistry topics 


R.C. Mukharjee

Numerical Chemistry 

Good for numerical problems 


P. Bahadur (For Reading Theory)

Physical Chemistry

Good explanations 


Consult askIITians JEE Main Chemistry experts for top-notch preparation! 

A JEE Main Chemistry tutor can guide you on how to prepare the best for this section. We have hired the best faculty from all across India who have the best knowledge about JEE Main exam pattern, syllabus, and the latest changes in the examination. We also provide study materials socially designed for JEE Main Chemistry preparation. Noteworthy features of our online JEE Main coaching include: 

  • Live, interactive classes
  • Revision notes 
  • Test series, daily practice papers
  • Feedback and rank analysis 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to improve Chemistry for JEE Main 2022? 

Prepare a cheat sheet or formula sheet for Chemical reactions and equations in Chemistry. Revise the equations and important formulas from this sheet every day. Solve sample papers and previous year papers for JEE Main to enhance your problem-solving speed and accuracy. Focus on important topics more and practice a variety of questions for each topic. 


  • Is NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class 11 and Class 12 enough for JEE Main? 

NCERT books are good for gaining fundamental knowledge but are certainly not sufficient for an examination like JEE. You must refer to other books as well for complete preparation of the JEE Main Chemistry section. 


  • How many questions are asked in the JEE Main Chemistry section? 

There are 20 multiple choice questions and 10 numerical answer type questions in the Chemistry section of JEE Main. You have to solve 20 multiple choice questions and only 5 numerical answer type questions. The maximum marks for the Chemistry section are 100. 


  • Is there negative marking in the Chemistry section of JEE Main? 

Yes, there is negative marking in the Chemistry section of JEE Main. 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.


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