10 Tips by Past JEE toppers for Cracking JEE in 90 day                       

10 must do things by past JEE toppers for cracking JEE in 90 days

The question that comes to every IIT aspirant's mind is, “can I crack IIT JEE in 3 months?”

If you ask ‌past JEE toppers, they will say, yes, you can!

There are several stories of JEE toppers who talk about a similar experience and cracking JEE within a few months of preparations. So, if you have determination, nothing is impossible. 


Here is an inspirational story of a past JEE topper tips for cracking JEE in 90 days.


Vipul whose only dream was to get admission into the IIT was too lazy to start preparing for the exam right from the beginning. It was only in‌ November when the IIT JEE application form was out and realizing how close the JEE exam is, he regretted wasting his precious time. Then, a little disappointed, he asked himself, “can I crack JEE in 3 months?


Vipul was not at all prepared for JEE. Not even the basics. So, this doubt was natural for him. However, he challenged himself and with just a few months in his pocket, he decided to maintain a positive attitude to achieve success in JEE top 100 list. He successfully cracked the prestigious exam in mere 3 months of preparation.


Vipul was just an ordinary kid. He was poor in Physics and Chemistry, but was brilliant in Mathematics. Though he knew that preparing for physics and chemistry in a short duration was not an easy task, he took up the challenge and started preparing from the scratch.


Vipul made a choice, took a decision, and just abided by it sincerely.


Therefore, if he can clear JEE in just 3 months, why can’t you? 


Now you must be eager to know, how he started preparing for the JEE. What were the techniques he used while preparing for the exam?


Here are 10 tips from Vipul for cracking IIT JEE in 90 days.



Calculate the time

He knew that there were very few days left for the JEE Main examination. Hence, his first target was to cover those subjects he really needs to work hard on. He started with physics and tried completing the subject in just 20 days. Once he was done with the subject, he started solving problem-based questions from HC Verma and Resnick Halliday.


He applied the same method while studying chemistry. He read Morrison Boyd's books for solving problems in chemistry.


For mathematics, he preferred studying from the coaching materials of his coaching institute.


Engage yourself in smart study

JEE doesn’t mean that you need to work hard day and night in order to crack the examination. Rather, it requires you to work smartly. It requires your time, attention and a high level of concentration.


Therefore, create a study plan and follow it strictly. Take as many tests as you can to understand the concepts clearly. This is what Vipul did and so can you.


Different Hours for different Subjects

While asking, “can we crack jee in 3 months?”, make sure you are determined to crack the exam. Every step you take should be in the right order. Vipul's method of learning was different from others. He used to study theoretical subjects such as Physics and Chemistry in the morning hours and preferred studying mathematics at night.


The reason behind choosing the toughest subjects in the morning was that he was more active during day time.   


Strategy for different subjects


He executed different strategies for different subjects. For chemistry, he chose to study from the NCERT books as he knew that it would not only help him prepare well for the board exams but also be closer and more relevant to the JEE MAIN syllabus. Moreover, CBSE chemistry books are compiled in a way that students can get a complete and detailed understanding of the topics in a better way. 



He jotted down all the important formulas; revised them properly, and solved as many questions as possible based on these formulas.



Vipul was very collective in his approach. Rather than going into difficult and lengthy problems, he concentrated more on the relevant questions of maths and the one that he was best at.


Choose proper study material

Vipul never ran after multiple study materials to prepare for his JEE exam. Rather, he picked the best books and material that covers the complete JEE Main syllabus.


IIT JEE Video Lectures were also fruitful during his preparation as they saved ample of his time and helped him in the revision of every topic.


Online Coaching

Online coaching saves time and money and around 45% of JEE main aspirants prefer online coaching to any physical medium.


Vipul also gave his time to the internet to solve complex questions and also joined online coaching classes for a crash course in JEE.


Use the internet in a different way

Vipul knew that the internet could help him prepare JEE Main exam well. So he joined JEE Main online groups on Facebook to get the latest updates about the exam and tips to clear the exam shared by other users.  

Prepare through Mock Tests

Vipul downloaded JEE Main mock tests from various websites on the internet.


He even practised as many mock tests as he could in the allotted time frame. Ultimately, this helped him get a good rank in the JEE Main exam.



Know all shortcut formulas

He jotted down all the shortcut formulas to solve all questions in the given time frame. He also kept on revising the important formulas of JEE Main 2014 on a daily basis.


Good Health has Good Mind

As per Vipul, one needs to be healthy to perform healthily. Hence, one needs to focus on his/her health to avoid any kind of obstacle in JEE preparation.



Cracking JEE is not an unachievable task. In fact, those students who have the right attitude to make it can even crack the exam in mere 3 months of preparation. So use the above tips for cracking IIT jee in 90 days and bring out the fire in you, challenge yourself, and start right now to make it happen.


All the best for your exam!


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