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Tackle JEE’s Negative marking scheme in a Smart way!

Negative marking

With the latest trends and drastic changing patterns of examinations, it has become difficult for students to crack JEE examination and take admission in IITs. They need to keep all aspects of marking in their mind while attempting the exam and one such aspect is ‘Negative Marking’, that if ignored might scrunch your marks. Although, it has made the evaluation process quite tough; but it assures that only the best of students make it to the cut-offs.

The main reason that JEE has introduced this concept is that only those students with the clear concepts enter the IITs; not the ones with rote memory. Under this scheme, you will lose marks for each wrong answer attempted by you. So you need to be very careful in marking your choices. The best way to attempt the examination without losing marks is to study thoroughly, pay attention to the instructions and try to get minimum questions wrong. After all, it is a trap that has been set to filter the poorly prepared candidates from the best candidates!

JEE Exam Pattern

JEE Exam Pattern

  • There are total of 90 questions, with 30 from each section namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

  • They all are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), where all questions will have 4 options out of which only one will be correct

  • Correct answer holds 4 marks and each wrong answer leads to a deduction of ¼ of total score for that question. The unanswered questions do not have any negative markingDisadvantages of Negative Marking

  • Duration of each paper is 3 hours

Disadvantages of Negative Marking

  • It reduces the marks from the score of correct answers

  • It does not support the guess marking

Tips and Guidelines to deal with negative marking

  • Understand the examination pattern.

  • Make a time plan based on the examination pattern to complete the paper on time.

  • Be familiar with your syllabus and study in such a manner that you know your concepts well.

  • Tips to deal with negative marking

    Revise thoroughly before your examination; so that there is no scope of making errors.
  • Study chapter wise, move to solving problems and do an intense revision.

  • Study and practice consistently to get good scores. Have a disciplined approach towards studies.

  • Do not try solving the problems until you are clear with the concepts.

  • Read the question cautiously and then select the option carefully.

  • Do not try to exert in the beginning of the paper; maintain uniform speed while attempting the questions.

  • Enhance your analytical skills by taking mock tests and stay focused while marking the answers.

  • Try learning short-cut formulas and use them in exams to save time.

  • Attempt only those questions, where you are 100% sure of your answers. You need to be quick here.

  • Then head for those questions, where you are confused only between two options. Sometimes guessing the answer intelligently, fetches marks.

  • It is suggested that you leave those questions where you are not at all sure about the answer; as there is no negative marking for an unanswered question.

  • If you wish to take a chance with the guessing, and you are only 50% sure of the answer, then it is advisable to select the closest answer.

  • Maintain cool and be stress free on the day of examination.

  • Solve past years papers as much as possible.

  • Take help and guidance from teachers, visual tools and varied study material to gain more clarity on concepts.

Even though, only one mark is deducted from four marks, remember that do not take the risk of marking any answers where you are not at all sure. This should happen only when you are confused between two options. Thus, it is necessary to study hard and clear the exams on the basis of knowledge, rather on the basis of guesses. Negative marking system has been introduced to bring out the best in you and boost your performance. If your concepts are clear, your understanding is strong, you know your formulas quite well; then there is nothing that will stop you from being successful!


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