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NCERT BOOKS: Your Steps to Success!


It is believed that if you are an Engineer and have studied from a reputed college; then you would have a settled career with a good pay. This is one of the reasons that most of the students prefer to opt for engineering courses! The first step to fulfill their dream is to crack JEE exams; for which they need to start preparing from early school years to be able to compete for it.

While you plan for the JEE examinations it is suggested that you start your preparations from 9th standard as you will not face too much difficulty ahead. This also helps in handling exam pressure or stress with ease. Along with you plan and time table, it is of absolute necessity that you select correct books. There are abundant books that are available in market that will aid you in cracking JEE examination, but you need to choose books that will help you to strengthen your basic concepts. Do not try to solve problems or old papers without proper knowledge of the subjects. If you jump directly to high level books, you might not be able to understand the topics and might lose the patience. Thus, it is mandatory to be careful and plan before you decide upon books to avoid mess and failure.


Many students prefer to follow or study those books and guides that have been suggested by their tutors and teachers. There is no harm in it as these books have very minute details, which will help them to solve the problems. But, if I would ask the students to refer to NCERT books they would be surprised. This is because many people believe that board text books are of no use when it comes to JEE preparation and simply ignore them. But, it is a big mistake that students make by ignoring them. JEE toppers have validated the point that it is not possible to crack JEE or any other competitive exam in India without referring to NCERT books.

Importance of NCERT books

  • Importance of NCERT booksNCERT books are written by experts after intense research. The information, facts and figures compiled are accurate and can never misguide you.

  • The clarity of basic concepts and strong fundamentals are very vital role in clearing of JEE examinations or any other competitive exams. Written in simple and easy to understand language, NCERT books has proper definitions for all the concepts that help you to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your concepts. It would not be wrong to say that NCERT books are very organized books, with step by step details.

  • Since, they are so simple and self sufficient that they save your time, that you might lose if directly jumping to high level books. I don’t say that these books should not be used or referred to, but not when you are looking to strengthening your fundamentals.

  • There might be fewer questions in the book for practice, but all the questions and the examples showcased in NCERT books cover all important aspects of syllabus. There are times when the questions in the paper have directly been taken from these books. A simple example in the NCERT book might be posed as a tricky question in the examination.

It is not that only those students who want to crack JEE refer to NCERT books, but they are also referred by students who wish to clear IPS, IAS and other competitive exams. If your concepts are clear and strong; if your IQ level is high and you have practiced solving yesteryears questions papers; there is no looking back for you.

Thus, it will not be wrong to state that one can crack JEE or any other competitive exams by just studying NCERT books. Though, good books are important, but consistent hard work, patience, thorough practice and firm dedication are also required for the success. So go ahead, with NCERT books and have a strong foundation, there is noting that can stop you from being successful. After all, cracking JEE is just like winning a war against thousands of competitors!


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