Know Your JEE Main Rank: Rank Predictor Tool for JEE Main 2018!


Rank Predictor Tool for JEE Main 2018!Now that you are ready to face JEE Main 2018 head-on, many students take full-length tests and love to have an estimate of their expected rank in JEE Main 2018. Just for them, askIITians is going to launch a great tool – ‘Know Your JEE Main Rank’.

Just put your expected scores in the JEE Main exam and your expected board exam marks in the JEE Main rank predictor tool and it will what is the All India Rank you can expect in the 2018 Main exam as well as the chances you have to make it to the JEE Advance 2018.

An after-exam tip: Match your copy of OMR sheet with the JEE Main 2018 answer key & solutions we will publish on the eve of the exam and find out how much score you can expect in the JEE Main exam. Put that score in the tool and find out your expected rank in the exam.

To calculate JEE Main 2018 ranks for engineering aspirants, the rank predictor for JEE Main 2018 takes many things into consideration:

  • Just like the actual ranking process, the askIITians rank predictor for JEE Main 2018 gives 60% weightage to JEE scoresand 40% weightage to marks of Class 12 board exams.

  • Number of seats on offer and number of students who have registered for the exam are taken into consideration.

  • Records of previous years’ student scores and their corresponding ranks are used to predict ranks of students this year. 2017 JEE Main ranks and their corresponding JEE Main scores are given the most weightage here.

Since the last two years, askIITians JEE rank predictor tool has been appreciated by our students for its accuracy and precision.


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