Oxoacids of Sulphur


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Introduction to Oxoacids of Sulphur

Sulphur shapes a huge number of oxoacids. Quite a lot of these don't exist as free acids, however, are known as anions and salts. Oxoacids of sulphur, contingent upon their basic similitudes, are partitioned into four series.

They are:

  • Sulphurous Acid Series

  • Sulphuric Acid Series

  • Thionic Acid Series

  • Peroxo Acid Series

Oxoacids with S-S linkages are called Thioacids, while those with Peroxy linkages (O-O) are called Peroxo Acids.

Sulphurous Acid Series

Sulphurous acid, dithionous acid, anddi or pyrosulphurous acid are sorted under the sulphurous acid series.

Sulphurous acid series

Fig. 1: Sulphurous acid series

Sulphuric Acid Series

Sulphuric acid, thiosulphuric acid and di or pyrosulphuric acid are categorised under the sulphuric acid series.

Sulphuric acid series

Fig. 2: Sulphuric acid series

Thionic Acid Series

It comprises of dithionic acid and polythionic acid.

Thionic acid series

Fig. 3: Thionic acid series

Peroxo Acid Series

It consists of peroxomonosulphuric acid (also known as Persulfuric Acid) and Peroxodisulphuric acid.

Peroxo acid series

Fig. 4: Peroxo acid series

Among all of these oxoacids, sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is the most imperative acid that is used in the chemical industry.

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Oxoaids of Sulphur


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