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The Thapar University is one of three organizations known as Thapar Technology Campus (TTC), in the city of Patiala which was started in 1956 through an collaboration between the East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) and State of Patiala, the Patiala Technical Education Trust (PTET) and the Central Government. The goals of the university is to bring about an improvement in efficiency of utilization, distribution and generation of power, to secure a well maintained power in the region besides development of new sources of energy. It also seeks to develop and to devise improved and new techniques in civil, mechanical and other lines of engineering with particular reference to requirements of small/cottage industries. The institute stands by its goal to provide testing of construction materials and structures so as to develop/discover new adequate building materials with a view to achieve cost reduction, substitution of scarce materials and the like with special reference to low cost housing structures and cheaper industrial structures as also to develop new improved techniques and designs of residential and ware-housing accommodations. Exploring and devising new techniques of manufacture and production of goods which may result in import substitution or otherwise result in substitution and conservation of foreign exchange or assist through better techniques in the utilization or recycling of waste is also one of the factors supported by the institute. The institute also studies the problems of pollution control and generally involves itself actively in the promotion of techno-scientific research.


The Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET) is one of the three Institutes located in the 250 acre Thapar Technology Campus (TTC) Patiala (Punjab). Together with the academic buildings the campus houses 8 hostels in total, a Central Library, a Central Workshop, a Center for Industrial Liaison & Placement(CILP), a Centre of Relevance & Excellence in Agro & Industrial Biotechnology(CORE), a Computer Center, a Centre for information Super Highway(CISH), a University Science Instrumentation Centre(USIC) and a Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park(STEP). The campus also boasts of various outlets like ‘Sagar Ratna’- a stall or all kinds of South Indian, Chinese & Continental food, a Nescafe, an Ice Cream Corner, ‘Polo Hut’- a Thaparians favorite haunt, Juice Corner, a Verka shop, a Cooperative Store where all Stationery and miscellaneous items available.


The University has five boys and three girl hostels in all. The hostel has this unique thing; to develop the overall personality of students for which each hostel have a motto of "home away home". Every hostel has its own games facility both indoor as well as outdoors, reading rooms,  common room,  libraries,  T.V. room, heaters, water coolers, cyber café,  gymnasium, PA system and washing machines. The accommodating mess structure in every boarding house also has modular kitchens attached. Every Hostel organizes its own annual function and also takes part in so many inter hostel and intra hostel competitions in sports, cultural and literary fields. Every hostel also issues its own magazine annually .Every hostel is administered by one Warden who is usually one of the senior faculty members of the university. And also to deal with any complaint there is a disciplinary committee.
Use of Powered Vehicles and possession of Camera Fitted mobile phones is prohibited so is ragging in any form.


​Department and Centers

  • Biotechnology & Environment Sciences(BTESD)

  • Chemical Engineering(ChED)

  • Civil Engineering(CED)

  • Computer Science & Engineering(CSED)

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering(EIED)

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECED)

  • Mechanical Engineering(MED)

  • Distance Education(DDE)

Cultural Activities

The most distinct aspect of education at TIET is the wide participation of the students in extracurricular activities which are carried out by various societies headed by one member of the faculty. MUDRA is the Music and Dramatics Society who conducts its cultural nite and an inter-year cultural competition IZHAAR. LITSOC, the Literary Society, this is another popular society; it conducts the annual inter-hostel literary festival, called ACUMEN. Other societies include ACID, CCS, IEEE (TIET chapter), SAE (TIET chapter), and other various departmental societies. The institute also has its own literary-cultural festival ‘Saturnalia’ held annually in the month of March, along with a technical fest ‘ARANYA’, normally held in October-November again annually. The students has a publication of their own in the form of a magazines, ‘AVANT GARDE’, which represents students’ views along with addressing issues of the nation and youth. ECLECTIZA (the urge to know..), It emphasizes on the advancements and the latest  applications in the science field.


The Alumni Association office was started in 1996 and since then has been actively involved in the various activities related to the Alumni of the University. Along the years many alumni has shown their mark in their respective fields, the prominent amongst them being:

  • Sarv Daman K. Puri-Chairman The Institution Of Engineers (India), Pb.& Chandigarh State Centre, I.E.I. Sec.9, Chandigarh

  • Mahender Partap- Managing Director, Haryana State Minor Irrigation & Tubewells Corporation, Bank Square, Sector 17, Chandigarh

  • Bahl, Surinder Kumar-Managing Director Logistic Contros(P) Ltd. New Delhi

  • Dev Datt Sharma-Managing Director, L.S. Vessels (P)

  • Bharti Bhushan Jindal-Managing Director, Jindal Electricals, Ludhiana

  • Ashok Kumar Grover-Vice President, JBM Group,

  • Davinder Singh Brar-CEO & Managing Director, Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD

  • Vinod Kumar Agarwal-Managing Director, Sungro Pvt Ltd., NOIDA

  • Mr. Sanjeev Kapur -  Managing Director, MSD Infosys Ltd.

  • Mr. Ramesh Chander Bhatia- Chief Engineer,PSEB

  • Mr. Mohinder Nath Proothi - CEO of MNP Turmatics, Rohtak.


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