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ISM Dhanbad LogoFeeling the need for a government Mining Engineering college, the Indian Government, in 1920, resolved to set up a national institute for mining education in Dhanbad to be funded fully by the Central Government. Thereafter on the 9th of December, 1926, the Indian School of Mines University was formally inducted as the first Mineral Technology Institute in the country. Initially known as the Indian School of Mines & Applied Geology, the institute had courses in Mining Engineering and Applied Geology on offer. Then 1957 saw Petroleum Engineering and Geophysics being added on the courses offered. Under the UGC Act the institute in 1967 was granted “University” status. The year 1975 and 1976, saw Mining Machinery Engineering and Mineral Engineering being added to the courses offered respectively. It also started offering courses in Industrial Engineering & Management in 1977. Electronics Engineering and Computer Science were introduced in the curriculum in 1998, and in 1999 Mechanical Engineering was instigated. The year 2006, saw the ISM offering as many as 14 new courses. The ISM also initiated Graduate engineering and management courses in subjects like Mining, Mineral and Petroleum engineering later on.


ISMU or the Indian School of Mines University is located in Dhanbad, 260 Km away from Kolkata on the Howrah-New Delhi Grand Chord Railway route. With a campus spread over an area of 88 hectares (220 acres), the five departments of the institute: Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Applied Geology, Electrical Engineering and Applied Geophysics all are started under the main building of ISMU houses. The heart of the University is its Central Library, a completely automated library with services available seven days a week, offering information to all 15 departments and centres with over 2000 users. The library houses more than 80,000 books, 8000 PhD thesis and about 35,000 bound volumes of journals, 1200 digital books, and about 2000 full text scholarly research journals. There is also one more interesting factor of the library with its entire collection made available online through a web-based Public Access Catalogue. In addition to these, the computer centre supports a campus-wide fibre optic network (ATM backbone switch), with also the International Internet Gateway of 8 Mbit/s, Internet and e-mail services subjected to all.  A new Lecture Hall Complex considered as an architectural spectacle was inaugurated in 2006 in the campus. The campus also houses an open air theatre. There is one more unique feature of the ISM, its geological museum. Then there is the Penmann Auditorium mainly for the official functions and the Golden Jubilee Lecture Theatre (GJLT) for workshops, presentations and seminars.

Campus of ISM Dhanbad


With a campus fully residential, the ISMU has 9 hostels in total- 5 for boys and 4 for girls. Two new hostels are presently under construction in addition to which, there are also two more hostels for Research Scholars and Senior Academics. With attached mess system, the hostel provides 24 hours water and electricity supply with internet connectivity too in sync with the college.

Departments and Centres

  • The following departments and centres are:

  • Applied Chemistry

  • Applied Geology

  • Applied Geophysics

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Applied Physics

  • Computer Science and Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics & Instrumentation

  • Mining Machinery Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Fuel and Mineral Engineering

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Management Studies (Formerly Industrial Engineering & Management)

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Mining Engineering

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Centre for Mining Environment

  • Centre for Longwall Mine Mechanization.

Fests and Events

Srijan: SRIJAN is one of the most anticipated youth fests of eastern India, being witness to massive participation from students from all over the country over the years. In SRIJAN, ISMU Dhanbad provides an ideal background for the union of the young ignited minds of our country. The fest's technical side has various events that act as the perfect test of knowledge and composure whereas the cultural part has events related to music, art, fashion, and dance; basically anything with which FUN can be associated with.
SPARX- Annual Techfest of IEEE Student Branch at ISMU: Sparx is a result of the thought process by the IEEE Student Branch to reach new horizons in the field of technology and science. Sparx is an annual technical fest organised by the IEEE Student Branch, ISM Dhanbad. Its aim was to provide a much needed technical platform to engineering students across the country to display their technical skills. By Sparx the Student Branch is providing a technical platform of international repute under the proud banner of IEEE, it is also trying to accomplish its dream of making a technically self-reliant India by its small but positive efforts.
Muqabala, Vishal Mishra Memorial Day Night Cricket Tournament: Muqabala is the first ever inter- technical college tournament of day-night cricket held annually in ISM. Organised in the memory of alumni, Lt. Vishal Mishra, the event essays the fusion of the spirit of youth and the exhilaration and exuberance of cricket.
Athletica- For the past 81 years, ISMU has been organising its annual Athletic meet. National Level Athletics Meet in the form of "ATHLETICA 2008” was organised on the 16th-17th of February 2008, the first of its kind in Eastern India.


Along the years there has been a long chain of successful alumni list. Among them, the more prominent ones are:

  • Prof. Amit Acharya, Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Class of 1988).

  • Dr. Ram G. Agarwal, Well Test Expert, Former Senior Technical Advisor, BP USA.

  • Mr C. Amitabh, Director, CSI Consulting Inc.

  • Prof. Indranil R. Bardhan Associate Professor, School of Management, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

  • Mr Sunil Kumar Barnwal, IAS, Bihar Cadre, 1st Rank in Civil Services Examination - 1994, India (Class of 1992).

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