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CBSE Class XII 2015 Preparation Tips for Chemistry


Table of Content

Chemistry isthe branch of science that deals with study of composition, properties, structure and matter. For many it is a subject with complications but with right preparation and study plan one can easily cover the subject. Here are some of the important tips that can help you in knowing the right way to handle the subject.

  • Units & Weightage of Marks for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

Units & Weightage of Marks for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry


  • CBSE Class 12th  Syllabus for Chemistry

Unit-1 Solid State 

Unit-2 Solutions  

Unit-3 Electrochemistry    

Unit-4 Chemical Kinetics   

Unit-5 Surface Chemistry    

Unit-6 Isolation of Elements   

Unit-7 p-Block Elements    

Unit-8 d- and f-Block Elements  

  Unit-9 Coordination Compounds    

Unit-10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Unit-11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers   

Unit-12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids    

Unit-13 Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen    

Unit-14 Biomolecules  

Unit-15 Polymers   

Unit-16 Chemistry in Everyday Life


  • Weightage to Form of Questions of CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

Form of Questions

Marks for each Question

No. of Questions

Total Marks

Long Answer Type (LA)




Short Answer (SA I) 3 09 27




Short Answer (SA II) 2 10 20




Very Short Answer (VSA)









Some Important Questions for Chemistry Class 12th Exams

  • Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction: 2+ 2+ Cd (aq) + Zn(s) Zn (aq) + Cd(s) → if E0 Cd2+/Cd = - 0.403 V and E0 Zn2+/Zn = - 0.763 V

  • When a current of 0.75 A is passed through a CuSO4 solution for 25 min, 0.369 g of  copper is deposited at the cathode. Calculate the atomic mass of copper.

  • Predict whether the reaction will be spontaneous or not at 250C. Which of the above two half cells will act as an oxidizing agent and which one will be a reducing agent?

  • The conductivity of 0.001M acetic acid is 4 x10-5 S/ cm. Calculate the dissociation constant of acetic acid, if Am0 for the acetic acid is 390.5 S cm2+/ mol

  • An organic compound with the molecular formula C9H10O forms2,4-DNP derivative, reduces Tollens reagent and undergoes cannizzaro reaction. On Vigorous oxidation, it gives 1.2 benzene dicarboxylicacid. Identify the compound and give equation.

  • Bring out the following conversion:

  • 4-Methyl acetophenone to Terephethalic acid

  • Zcylohexene to adipic acid

Books to Refer for CBSE Class XII Chemistry 

  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations An Introduction to the Mole Concept by Mukherjee

  • Chemistry (Class - XII) (Part - I),NCERT book and NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry

  • Modern's abc of Chemistry Class - 12 (Part 1 & 2) (With CD) (Paperback) by S. P. Jauhar

  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th Edition (Paperback) by J. D. Lee

  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions - Chemistry (Class 12): A Collection of Fully Solved Questions Asked from 2014 - 2008 Examination Arranged 3rd Edition by Purnima Sharma

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

  • Some students fail to score good in Chemistry and the major reason behind this is the fear from chemistry. It is always advised to the students to get rid of the chemistry-phobia from their minds. Chemistry is one of the easy subjects of Science if you concentrate and practice consistently the topics.

  • Noting down the important topics for reasoning such as the ‘P block elements, d & f block elements’

  • Practice the Adsorption isotherm, Raoult’s Law,Packing fraction,Molar mass determination, as these are the topics which carry maximum questions

  • Practice solving a minimum of five numerical everyday from the chapters like Physical chemistry, Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Make note of preparing from sample papers for class 12 and CBSE chemistry past papers

  • It is always advised to prepare for the conceptual questions on Numerical as it can let you have the better understanding of the concept and strengthen the knowledge and grip on the subject.

  • Important chapters for CBSE class 12 board Chemistry exams: The last chapters; Polymers,Bio-molecules and Chemistry in Everyday are the simplest ones and carry 10 marks, and shall be prepared initially while doing last minute preparation. Prepare the topics of Organic Chemistry. The “p-Block Elements” carries 8 marks and has to be prepared well. Surface Chemistry is one of the important part and carries at least 3-4 question and also being asked in the competitive exams.

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