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CBSE Class 12 Maths Paper Analysis 


Table of Content

This year, Central Board of Secondary Education conducted its CBSE Class 12 examination on 2nd  March 2015. Since Mathematics is considered to be one of the best options to score better and achieve more percentage, hence CBSE Mathematics 12th board examination remains to be crucial for all Science stream candidates.

At askIITians, we help analyze you with CBSE class 12 Maths paper.


  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • Was it a Lengthy Paper ? Yes

  • Was Tricky Questions Asked ?: There was just one trick questions which was Set I, Question number 11

  • Out of Syllabus Question: None of the questions were out of syllabus and no errors at all.

  • Calculus & Vectors & Dimensional Geometry was given much weightage as compared to topics such as Relations of Functions & Algebra


Tips for preparation of calculus portion

Calculus portion is the most important section of class 12 mathematics syllabus. It usually fetches maximum number of questions in CBSE exam. Hence, those who want to outshine in their boards must work hard on this portion. Listed below are some of the expert tips which can prove fruitful in mastering this section:

  • In order to excel in the calculus portion, it is important to be well-versed with the various formulae including the differentiation and integration of various functions,

  • Good speed is imperative for a good performance. Since the section is completely based on calculations, so students must practice hard so as to develop a good speed.

  • Besides knowing the statements of theorems like Rolle’s, Lagrange’s etc., it is also important to know the applications and interpretation of these theorems.  

  • Do not try to cram the methods; instead try to figure out why a particular method is applied in a particular question.

  • During the preparation phase, begin with the simple questions followed by moderate and the tough ones.

  • Prepare your flash cards containing the list of formulae so that you can revise them again and again.

  • Solve various sample papers and past year papers to get acquainted with the trend of questions asked in the exam.

  • Practice and a good speed is all what you need to come out with flying colors. Hence, the more you practice, better it is.

  • While taking the exam, try to attempt the simple questions first. Those involving lengthy calculations must be attempted at the end.

  • Differential equation is a simple topic which can fetch you some easy scores. So, revise it thoroughly.

  • While taking the exam, it is quite normal to get stuck in a problem and you might find it difficult to proceed further. If this happens in an exam then it is advised to switch to some other problem.

Tips for mathematics section of CBSE class 12th

Read some of the useful tips and tricks, specially made for the students preparing for CBSE class 12 Examination 2015.

General Tips

  • The most important thing is to have a positive attitude towards math and try to fall in love with this monster

  • Hard work is the only key to success. You cannot expect to climb the final step before going through all the steps of the ladder

  • The basic funda of success in mathematics is practice. One cannot expect to excel in this subject without practicing innumerable questions on various concepts

  • Take out some time from your busy schedule on daily basis for solving some mathematics questions

  • Work on your fundamentals and basics. Firm groundwork can help you fetch excellent marks

  • Mathematics is not meant to be read. After reading a formula try to attempt good number of questions based on it as it will automatically help in its memorization. You won’t have to spend extra time on mugging it up

  • The various formulae should be on your finger-tips including those on derivatives, integrals, sum and product of roots, sum and product of trigonometric functions, various progressions, sequences and series etc.

  • Simple facts like trace of a matrix equals the sum of roots and the determinant gives the product of roots can help in getting quick answers to the questions of algebra

  • Be well-versed with the conventional methods of solving problems. Practice sufficient number of questions using these methods first and once you are confident enough you may switch to short-cut methods in order to improve your speed. But be sure that you don’t end up committing mistakes by missing steps

  • Commit as many mistakes as you can during the preparation phase. This will help you in identifying the areas where you might commit errors so that you don’t do so on the final day

  • Jot down all the important formulae and prepare a list for the same. Paste it somewhere near your study table or bed and revise it whenever you see it

  • Practice good number of problems of square roots and cube roots so that you don’t spend too much time on them during exam

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