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Physics is one of the vital subjects in Science stream and it is also of very much importance while preparing for various competitive exams and hence it is essential to prepare it from the very beginning. Understanding the concepts and applying them in the provided situation can improvise your analytical as well as logical thinking. Here are some of the important tips and information helpful for preparing Physics in class 12 board.

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CBSE Class 12th Syllabus for Physics

Unit I - Electrostatics

Unit II - Current Electricity

Unit III - Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism

Unit IV - Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current

Unit V - Electromagnetic Waves

Unit VI - Optics

Unit VII - Dual Nature of Matter

Unit VIII - Atoms and Nuclei

Unit IX - Electronic Devices

Unit X - Communication Systems




  • Two circular coils X and Y having radii R and respectively are placed in horizontal plane with their centers coinciding with each other. Coil X has a current I flowing through it in the clockwise sense. What must be the current in coil Y to make the total magnetic field at the common centre of the two coils, zero?

  • With the same currents flowing in the two coils, if the coil Y is now lifted vertically upwards through a distance R, what would be the net magnetic field at the centre of coil Y?

  • A straight thick long wire of uniform cross section of radius ‘a’ is carrying a steady current I. Use Ampere’s circuital law to obtain a relation showing the variation of the magnetic field (Br) inside and outside the wire with distance r, ( ) and ( ) of the field point from the centre of its cross section. Plot a graph showing the nature of this variation.

  • Calculate the ratio of magnetic field at a point above the surface of the wire to that at a point below its surface. What is the maximum value of the field of this wire?

  • State the principle which helps us to determine the shape of the wavefront at a later time from its given shape at any time. Apply this principle to:

(i) Show that a spherical/ plane wavefront continues to propagate forward as a spherical/plane wave front.

(ii) Derive Snell’s law of refraction by drawing the refracted wavefront corresponding to a plane wavefront incident on the boundary separating a rarer medium from a denser medium.

Books to Refer for CBSE Class 12th Physics

  • CBSE class 12 NCERT textbook

  • Physics part 1(NCERT).

  • Physics part 2 (NCERT)

  • Modern ABC of Physics by Satish K. Gupta

Some Important Physics Preparation Tips

  • Revision of notes and memorizing the formulas and the definition of difficult terms helps a lot while last minute preparation. Keep a few lists of topics separately for quick revision and it must contain the important formulae, derivations and important definitions. 

  • Practice the derivatives perfectly and do not miss the optics, magnetism and electrostatics as these are the important sections for major questions.Practicing the conceptual question can help in preparing practical as well as the concept once get clear can help in answering question from all sections.

  • Solve as many class 12 sample papers you can, but try to solve at least 3-4 completely. Practice past year question papers & model test papers.

  • Time management is a must; take out time for re-creation as well along side preparation.

  • Try and finish all the topics and questions in the NCERT books. CBSE board questions are majorly based on the question in this book only.

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