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CBSE CLASS 12 Study Plan

CBSE: An overview

In 1921, Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education was the first education board being set up in India which then later on transformed to the "Central Board of Secondary Education" in 1952.CBSE affiliates all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalayas and various other private schools across the country.

CBSE conducts the year-end final exam for AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) for class 12th. Along with these, CBSE also conducts the IIT-JEE (joint Entrance Exam), NEET (AIPMT) (All India Pre Medical Test), NET (National Eligibility Test) exam every year for admissions into several courses and higher education providing institutions across the country.

Exam Date for CBSE Class12th Board Exam, 2015: 1st March 2015 to 17th March 2015

Know your Syllabus and expected marks from each topics of every subjects


English Elective

Functional English

English Core






Computer Science

Multimedia and Web Technology


Business Studies



Fashion Studies

Graphic Design

Make list of tasks to do first and plan accordingly

  • After knowing the important portion for the exam, from the above graphs, students must prepare the complete plan of action to cover the entire syllabus.

  • Start from the topics that carry the most marks and get a strong grip on these topics

  • Do not ever attempt to finish one subject at a time and then to move on another subject, always work on every subject with divided time. Give equal time to every subject daily and prepare accordingly. It reduces the boredom as well as enables you to finish the portion in a planned way.

Study materials

Make sure you collect every essential study material before you initiate your preparation, and also make sure you do not build up a library of books! Choose some of the very identified books and start preparation from them. Never to forget the NCERT books, as they are the basic preparation material for CBSE class 12.

Among other books, here are some of the most recommended books you can choose to prepare from:


  • Oxford Communicative English - Practice Material for CBSE English (Core)

  • Together with English Core Assignment Booklet for (Class - 12)

  • NCERT Question - Answers English Core (Class 12)


  • Senior Secondary School Math 12 (English) BhartiBhawan

  • R.S. Agarwal

  • S.Chand's Mathematics -XII


  • CBSE - All in One Physics (Class 12) – Arihant

  • Concepts of Physics – BhartiBhawan

  • Physics Textbook For Class XII – NCERT

  • S.Chand's Principles Of Physics For Class XII


  • Chemistry (Class XII) – NCERT

  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations PB (English)

  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions - Chemistry (Class 12) – Arihant

  • Together with Chemistry with Solution


  • Hare KrushnaGiri

  • To The Point Biology for XII - Danika/ Trueman Publishing

  • Elementary Biology (Volume - 2)


  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions – Biotechnology – Arihant

  • Biology - Textbook For Class 12 - NCERT


  • Core C.B.S.E. Economics for Class-XII – Goyal Brothers

  • Introductory Microeconomics (Class 12) – Dhanpatray

  • Introductory Macroeconomics for Class 12 - Dhanpatray

Business Studies:

  • Business Studies Class- XII PB (English) – Goyal Publications

  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions - Business Studies (Class 12) – Arihant


  • Sahil. K. Mahajan

  • Question Bank Accountancy Class - 12 – Oswal

  • T.S. Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping: Sultan Chand

  • S.Chand’s Rapid Revision In Accountancy (English)


  • Together with History Class XII

  • History (Class XII) – Satish and Brothers

  • Themes in Indian History (English) – VK global

Political Science:

  • Together with Political Science (Class 12)

  • NCERT Class 12 Political Science


  • Together with Geography Class XII

  • Geography (English) – VK global

  • Comprehensive Geography XII (Hindi Medium) – Laxmi Publications


  • Xam Idea Psychology (Class - 12)

  • Psychology with Practicals: A.K. bhatnagar

  • CBSE - Senior School Psychology by PoojaBharti

Practice papers/Sample papers

Students should also prepare from various sample papers and practice papers available online and offline. These are created by some of the very experienced professionals with years of experience who know the complete in and out of the CBSE class 12th Board Exam

Practice past year papers (last 10 years)

Students can easily find the past year CBSE class 12 question papers both online and offline. It is suggested to prepare as many past year papers you can as it gives you a thorough understanding of the subject and the forms of questions expected. 

Preparation Tips for CBSE class 12 board exams

Exams are always stressful, be it the school level, or entrances or even PG. The key to succeed in any exam of life is to keep practicing, working hard and smart. Here we have tried and put some of the basic preparation tips for all the students preparing for CBSE Class 12 board exams 2015.

Time Management

“Preparing and planning is a lesson of life learned from the ant, who stores the food in summer for the rainy days to enjoy life in rain.”

Managing the time is one of the major issues, if done properly can benefit the students amazingly and can also reduce the stress and fear of the exam. Here we have compiled some of the most essential tips for managing the time while preparing for the exams.

  • Craft a time-table for everyday tasks including every activity, from studies to having meals. Plan everything and perform accordingly, strictly!

  • Focus on the subjects which needs more importance, and start your preparation for those subjects first, along with other subjects but always give priority to the subjects which need special attention.

  • Mark the tough chapters according to your choice and keep separate time in your time table for them where you can practice those.

  • Keep time for discussion with friends, and make sure the discussions are about the course and not gossips!

  • Never forget revising the part that you studied yesterday, this is the best way to remember whatever being learnt.

  • Make deadlines for yourself and work accordingly, do not waste time in unnecessary activities, rather utilize in productive activities such as group discussion, doubt clearing among friends etc.

  • Take a part of your time table for your refreshments and exercises.

  • Practice as many questions you can using online and offline mediums as it strengthen the confidence of appearing the exam.

Always remember, time and tides waits for none! Prepare well for your exams, keep your time properly planned and perform all the tasks accordingly.

Don’t have too much on the table!

Make your brain work in a constructive manner and do not mix up a lot of things with your thoughts. Keep things straight and be stress-less. Keep realistic targets for yourself everyday and move accordingly. As it is said, Rome wasn’t built in a day; similarly you can get over everything in a single day! Never overdo things, this can cause harm to you.

Solve as many Papers you can

As said, Practice makes perfect, it is never a harm to practice as many papers you can. This strengthens confidence of yours and you start working on your weaknesses as the result of these papers comes up and you identify your weaknesses. In your time table always keep an hour or two for practicing the sample papers. Pick any subject’s sample paper and start practicing every day. The CBSE sample papers are very helpful as they contain the past year question papers and you can surely expect a lot of question of similar format in the board exam.

Relax and Re-start!

After a whole day of study, give time for yourself by doing some yoga and exercises. Go for a walk either in the evening, and gain some refreshments. This works as a re-start for tomorrow’s preparation. By yoga and exercise, you can energize your senses and gain energy for the next day. Keep some time for yoga and exercise in your timetable.

As it is said by Lord Krishna, in the holy Bhagwat Gita, “KarmanyeVadhikaraste Ma PhaleshuKadachana, Ma Karma PhalaHeturBhurmateySangostvaAkarmani”, you need not to be very cautious about the results and concentrate on your work, prepare well, put your heart and soul in preparing. Give your best shot and the results will follow!


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