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CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Paper Analysis and Tips 2015


Table of Content

Biology includes a brief study on life and life form and hence students are needed to build genuine interest in it. One needs to be well versed about the subject as students need to often deal with practical classes. Candidate need to follow the exam pattern prescribed by the CBSE board.

At askIITians, we help analyze you with CBSE class 12 Chemistry paper.


  • Come out of the fear for the subjects

  • Follow the pattern subscribed by the CBSE Board and the weightage prescribed.  

Tips and Tricks for Preparing Biology for 12th Board Exams

  • Clear all your concepts first. Detailed study of all the topics is must while preparing for Biology.

  • Develop a habit of multiple reading for biology. More you revise, more the concepts become clear to you.

  • Diagrammatic Visualization of all the processes makes it easy for the students to understand the concept clearly and deeply. Make flow charts for all the mechanisms, classifications and long answers in order to learn them with ease.

  • Study mainly from NCERT. But also go through the concepts using a reference book. As deep you will go into the details of the concepts, much clear you will be with the basics.

  • Mark all the important points in the book using a bright colored highlighter and keep revising them time to time.

  • Practice the diagrams by drawing them again and again in rough notebook.

  • Attempt as many sample papers as you can. Try solving last year question papers as well.

  • Writing your answers in exam in a neat and clean handwriting along with neatly drawn diagrams will improve your marks.

  • Weightage to content Vs. Unit


  • Considering the weightage of the subject, the unit Genetics and Evolution is the highest weightage topic. So focus on this unit the most.

  • Prepare well for the below given topics in Genetics and Evolution: Mendel’s laws, exception to Mendel’s laws, all types of crosses and numerical problems based on them, human blood group, pleotropy, linkage, DNA, RNA, sex linked inheritance, crossing over, sex determination and polyploidy.

  • Weightage to different form of questions

S. No.

Form of Questions

Marks for each

No. of Questions

Total Marks


Very Short Answer (VSA)





Short Answer (SA II)





Short Answer (SA I)





Long Answer (LA)









  • Scheme of Options

(a) There will be no overall option.

(b) Internal choices (either/or type) on a very selective basis has been provided. These choices have been given in one question of 2 marks, one question of 3 marks and all the three questions of 5 marks weightage.

  • Weightage to difficulty level of questions.


(15) About 20% weightage has been assigned to questions testing higher order thinking skills of learners.

During the Examination

  • Always try to reach the exam centre before time to avoid any hustle and bustle.

  • Take a look at the question paper and mark the question you are confident about. Try answering that question first which you have marked. This will help you save your time.

  • Never forget to mark the correct question numbers for the answer you give.

  • Avoid using blank sheets in between your answers.

  • Introduce your answer with properly made diagrams and tables wherever necessary. Avoid coloring the diagram, rather make a well-labelled diagram. This will help you fetching good marks.

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