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CBSE Class XII 2015 Preparation Tips for Biology


Table of Content

Biology is a subject of Science stream that can work as the stepping stone for a very amazing career, medicine. Aspiring doctors have their biology knowledge the strongest. With Biotechnology emerging as one of the aspiring field, it is also based on Biology. Not only doctors, pharmacists and geneticists also have the usage of biology subject. If your goals are to enter into the medicine or pharmacology, biology is the subject you need to ace. Here we present some of the important tips to prepare for CBSE Class XII Biology.

  • Marks Distribution of Biology Paper for Class 12 Board Exam

Total Marks 100


  • CBSE Class 12th Syllabus for Biology Exams

Reproduction In Organisms

Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Human Reproduction

Reproductive Health

Principles Of Inheritance And Variation

Molecular Basis Of Inheritance

Human Health And Disease

Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production

Microbes In Human Welfare

?Biotechnology: Principles And Processes

Biotechnology And Its Applications

Organisms And Populations


Biodiversity And Conservation


  • Weightage to Subject Units Based on CBSE Biology Past Papers

Total Marks: 70 Marks


  • Weightage to Form of Questions

Form of Questions

Marks for each Question

No. of Questions

Total Marks

Long Answer Type (LA)




Short Answer (SA I) 3 09 27




Short Answer (SA II) 2 10 20




Very Short Answer (VSA)








  • CBSE Class 12th  Board Exam Paper Pattern for Biology (Practicals) 

Total Marks: 30 marks


Some Important Questions for Class 12th Biology

  • Define tissue culture and micropropagation. Mention their significance for enhancement of food production.

  • What is active and passive immunity? Give examples of vaccines that provide active and passive immunity. Mention which one is long lasting and why?

  • Tubectomy and Vasectomy cannot be considered as methods of contraception. Give reason.

  • How techniques like GIFT, ZIFT, AI are different from each other? Describe each one of them.

  • Under which conditions will a couple need surrogate mother’s help?

  • Describe in detail the events taking place during oogenesis.

  • Define central dogma. How retroviruses are an exception to the unidirectional information flow?

  • What are pleiotropic genes? Give example.

  • Describe the inheritance pattern of human skin colour.

  • Differentiate between co dominance and incomplete dominance.

  • Describe in detail the ecosystem services. Discuss the role played by biodiversity in maintenance of ecosystem services.

  • Explain the specificity of energy flow in the ecosystem with reference to ecological pyramids.

  • What is standing crop?

Books to Refer for CBSE 12th Class Biology

  • Elementary Biology (Volume - 2) (Paperback) by Bhatia K N

  • Together with biology, S. Chand

  • NCERT book and NCERT solutions for class 12 biology

  • Biology by Campbell and Reece

  • Trueman's Elementary Biology, Vol.I for XI 01 Edition (Paperback) by Bhatia K N

CBSE Preparation Tips for Class 12th Biology

  • Preparing the notes at the time of course regular studies can help a lot at the last minute preparation as Biology is not a subject that can be covered in a short time. It needs regular study and practice the questions.

  • Biology is the subject which has heavycourse and requires multiple readings and revisions.

  • Preparing by noting down the important topics separately and going through them continuously can build the basics strong.

  • Practice drawing neat diagrams can help a lot while preparing for last moment.

  • Revise the entire course 3 times at least before appearing the exam and keep studying on a continuous basis by giving at least 1-2 hour for Biology only.

  • Prepare the projects and activities along with the practical work as quick as possible so that you can concentrate on the theory and complete the entire syllabus.

  • Finish the chapters that you find ease as it boosts the confidence in yourself.

  • Read the NCERT books regularly and also cover as many sample papers you can, this can introduce you with a variety of questions

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