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BJP Inducts IITians for its “Modi for PM Fund” Campaign

As Lok Sabha elections are approaching closer, BJP has already turned its campaign fierce for collecting donations for the “Modi for PM fund” by inducting IITians.

Led by BJP Chief Rajnath Singh, the “Modi for PM Fund” receives donations from Rs. 10 to Rs 1,000 through cash, credit and debit cards. Contributors will receive written receipts or SMS confirmations against their donations. Those donating online will receive confirmations through e-mails and SMS.

Although completely denying the allegations of being inspired by AAP for the “Modi for Fund” campaign, official prove that this BJP movement was highly influenced by AAP in a lot of manner.

Rajnath Singh initiated the campaign with his first contribution of Rs 1,000 to the fund. 

Under its “One Vote, One Note” scheme, BJP campaign is all set to reach over 10 Crore families. Donations will also be collected simultaneously from the masses during the campaign.  

Singh has inducted IITians to give a boost to this ongoing campaign. Subodh Sharma, an IIT-Roorkee alumnus, has joined this BJP campaign as a convener of the Technocrat Cell.

K K Sharma, former IITian and IT Commissioner who was a contemporary of AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal; Ashok Saini, from the corporate sector, Vikas Guliani, technical consultant; and Shalab Sharma, former IITian and entrepreneur are among others who have  joined this campaign.



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