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Expert Strategy to Help you Score big in BITSAT 2014!


Strategy and PlanBirla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test commonly called as BITSAT is an online admission test for admission in its colleges at Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa. BITSAT is a highly competitive engineering exam but it is quite different from other entrances like the IIT JEE. While other engineering entrances just check the knowledge of subjects, BITSAT checks the overall personality of candidates as it has sections on English and Logical Reasoning.

Attempting 150 questions (except the extra 12) in 180 minutes is not an easy task. This implies that you get hardly 72 seconds per question in which you have to understand, interpret, solve and mark the answer. Now, majority of you would have become nervous! But chill, whatever the situation is, it’s the same for every aspirant. Moreover, it’s not that difficult. You need to adopt an appropriate strategy and act smartly to accomplish your goal.

We shall discuss here a simple strategy that can help you score maximum in BITS Pilani entrance exam.

We start with the paper pattern. BITSAT has a total of five sections. The division of various sections is as follows:

  • Mathematics: 45 questions

  • Chemistry: 40 questions

  • Physics: 40 questions

  • English: 10 questions

  • Logical Reasoning: 15 questions

In order to crack BITSAT, you need to know the right way of preparation as well as attempting the paper. We first discuss the most appropriate strategy of preparation:

  • Aspirants are advised to stick to the prescribed syllabus and avoid practicing high level or extremely tough questions.

  • For Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, NCERT books should be studied thoroughly. BITS entrance exam is neither extremely tough nor very simple and hence sticking to the syllabus would suffice for the exam. Some of the which require extra attention include:

  • Physics: Newton’s laws, energy and work, heat and thermodynamics, current electricity, Magnetism and magnetic effect of electric current.

  • Chemistry: Concentrate on physical chemistry and quantitative analysis. NCERT books should be consulted for inorganic chemistry.

  • Mathematics: Trigonometry, Conic sections (parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, rectangular hyperbola), Vectors and 3D, Integral Calculus.

  •  However, students may practice numerical from other reference books but going beyond the syllabus would be a waste of time.

  •  Do not ignore sections on logical reasoning and English proficiency. They are equally important.

  •  Once you are done with the entire syllabus of BITSAT, you must practice several previous year papers of BITSAT in order to get acquainted with the trend of questions asked in the exam.

  •  Being an online test, it is important to have working knowledge of computers. Hence, candidates must practice some mock tests on the system.

  •  BITS exam 2014 is more about speed than its toughness level. Hence students must work hard on their speed.

How to attempt the paper:

  •  Though there is no thumb rule for the order of sections, but this order is considered to be the most effective:

Mathematics → Physics → Chemistry → English → Logical Reasoning

  •  Toppers must attempt the paper in this sequence but mediocre and below average students are advised not to follow this sequence blindly.

  •  Students must start with their strongest portion out of Physics, Chemistry and Math. The simple reason behind this is that once you attempt some confident questions, a good start would relieve you off some pressure.

  •  You must not spend more than a minute on a question. If it seems to be lengthy, then it would be better to attempt it in the end. The simplest questions should be attempted in the first one and a half hours.

  •  Since wrong answers fetch you negative marks, one should avoid making blind shots. However, if you are confused between two options, you can take risk of attempting such questions only if you think you haven’t attempted sufficient number of questions.  

  •  It is crucial to maintain a good speed throughout the paper. BITS entrance exam is all about speed and accuracy. Thus aspirants must try to opt for shortcuts and tricks so as to save time.

  •  Maintaining a good speed does not mean to attempt the paper in haste. It is important to solve questions with a calm mind so that you don’t make calculation mistakes.

  • Your good speed can prove extremely fruitful as if you are able to attempt 150 questions before time then you can get to answer 12 extra questions. It is not very easy to attempt the paper before time and only highly intellectual students reach this level. Just in case you are one of those lucky ones, just try to analyze whether you should really go for those extra marks?

  • For those who cross the mark of 140 questions are in the most difficult position to decide whether they should attempt the extra ones or not. This is where your decision making abilities are checked. In order to attempt those bonus questions, you will have to attempt the remaining 10 questions to make it 150. This can fetch you negative marks hence the decision is not going to be easy. Let us analyze this situation:

  • Suppose you are left with few minutes in hand after attempting 140 questions. Now, you need to attempt the remaining 10 questions first after which you are eligible for the bonus questions.

  • The best strategy in this case when you don’t have any clue about the answers is to mark them in the same sequence. Hence, either mark all of them as ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ or ‘d’.

  • The reason behind this is that among the 10 questions, some would have ‘a’ as the answer while some would have ‘b’ and so on. Hence, if you don’t adopt this strategy you might end up marking all wrong answers which could fetch you -10!

  • When you mark all the answers in the same sequence, there is high probability of getting around 3-4 correct answers. Even if you get just 4 correct answers, means 6 wrong so net marks will be

(4x3) - (6x1) = 12-6 =+6. Hence you end up gaining 6 marks.

  • In case, the day is not in your favor and you get just 2 out 10 correct, then the net score will be (2x3) - (8x1) = -2, which won’t be a big loss. Moreover, if the day is favorable, you might fetch good scores also.

  • It has been witnessed that these bonus questions are generally simpler than the 150 questions. So, if you get a chance you must go for it.    

Self-confidence and determination are extremely important. Good speed and clear fundamentals can help you win the battle of BITSAT with ease. Buckle up and give it your best shot!


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