BITSAT 2018: Avoid these mistakes and improve your scores!


BITSAT is a national level online examination conducted by the elite institute BITS Pilani for admission in its 3 campuses at Goa, Pilani and Hyderabad. Unlike other challenging exams like the IIT JEE or VITEEE, BITS Pilani entrance exam not only tests the subject knowledge but examines the entire personality of candidates as it also has sections on English and Logical Reasoning.

With BITS entrance exam 2018 just few days away, aspirants must have covered almost the entire syllabus of BITSAT 2018 by now. But besides working hard, it is extremely important to be clever enough to know how to attempt the paper in order to get through it.

In spite of covering the syllabus and practicing the previous year papers of BITSAT, one cannot really be sure of his success in the exam. The simple reason behind this is that due to the rising competition, one needs to be smart enough to know the appropriate strategy to crack the exam. Besides, how you attempt the paper on the D-day also determines your success or failure. Some of the mistakes which students tend to commit and must be avoided are:

  • Take a good night sleep on the day preceding the exam: Covering the syllabus till the last moment won’t help. It is extremely crucial to attempt the paper with fresh mind. The paper requires the use of analytical ability and you are sure to miss out on this front if you compensate with your sleeping hours. This is the biggest blunder that might become a hurdle for you.

  • Get acquainted with the online mode: As BITSAT is solely an online exam so aspirants must get acquainted with the online mode. This is crucial to avoid any kind of issues that might crop up in case a student hasn’t taken an online exam ever before.

  • Inspect your system: Once you are allotted the system just try to inspect it. At times, it has been witnessed that due to some technical issues, students are not able to switch to other questions quickly and as a result it leads to a waste of time. Hence, just test whether your system scrolls to the next page easily or not.    

  •  Flick through the instructions: Don’t be in a hurry to go through the question paper. It is important to read the instructions carefully so as to avoid any kind of confusions. This is the most general mistake committed by students as due to anxiety they often miss out various important instructions.

  • Go through the entire paper: It is necessary to go through the entire paper in the beginning itself in order to decide the order in which you should attempt the sections. But, this does not mean that you get anxious and worried by finding the paper to be difficult.    

  • Methodology to be adopted in attempting the paper: Once you go through the entire paper, just begin with the section that seems to be easiest and within reach. Do not attempt the difficult questions in the beginning as you’re likely to get discouraged in that case. There is no prescribed line of action; however the recommended sequence is Physics → Mathematics→ Chemistry→ Logical Reasoning→ English.

  • Manage your time: You need to attempt 150 questions in 3 hours. Hence, you cannot dare to waste a single second. Chalk out the time you intend to spend on a particular section and try sticking to it. It is crucial to maintain a good speed in order to remain competitive in the exam.  

  • Avoid making wild guesses: Since wrong answers fetch you negative marks, hence avoid making wild guesses. Just attempt the questions you are most confident about. Remember that every mark counts and a loss of a single mark could mean a fall of several ranks!

  • BITSAT catch -get hold of those 12 questions: This is basically within the reach of the creamy layer. In case you are able to attempt 150 questions and still some time is left, you can go for the extra 12 questions. This is not very easy as you need to have an excellent speed to be able to complete the paper before time. But just in case you are one of those lucky ones, try to make the best out of it.

  • Do not panic: Anxiety can only degrade your performance. Hence, do not panic. Even if the paper seems to be difficult, do not get vexed. Apply your analytical and problem solving skills to the best of your caliber. remember that the paper is difficult for others as well and you just need to out beat your contenders.
    It is just an exam which can give your life a new turn. But, this is not the end! Even if you don’t fare well, you never know what’s stored in for you!

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