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BITSAT: Points to remember on the final day!


Don't Forget

BITSAT (BITS Admission Test) is a computer-based admission test conducted by BITS, Pilani for its integrated first-degree programmes offered by all its three campuses – Pilani campus, Goa campus and Hyderabad campus. Majority of the aspirants take this elite exam to gain admission in the premier institute BITS Pilani.  

With numerous applicants taking the test, it is extremely important to know the right strategy which can help you win this race. Aspirants try to cover major portion of the BITSAT syllabus, refer the best possible study material for BITSAT preparation but even then are not able to get through! Most common reason behind this is stress. It is important to be able to cope up with this stress to be successful.

Let us throw some light on the things you must remember on the final day:

  • It is important to take a sound sleep in the night preceding the exam. In case, you compromise with your sleeping hours, you won’t get up fresh. This can be dangerous as you must take the exam with a fresh mind.

  • Do not go to the center with an empty stomach. Take a light breakfast. The exam is of three hours duration and hence, if you feel hungry in between it’ll distract you and will hinder your concentration.

  • Reach the center at least 30 minutes before the start of exam. This is vital to avoid any kind of anxiety.

  • Do not take your study material to the center. Last minute studies trigger anxiety and lead to confusion.
    Remember to take the following things:

  1.     Identity card

  2.    Writing material (pen etc)

  3.    Wrist watch

  4.    Water Bottle

  • Carry a water bottle to the center. Water helps in reducing the stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps in relaxing your brain.

  • Avoid carrying anything which is not allowed in the exam like calculators or other electronic gadgets.

  • As soon as you are allotted the seat, adjust yourself. Keep your wrist watch on your desk in front of you. But don’t waste your time in constantly watching it after every second.   

  • Keep your body and mind in balance. This is vital to perform well in the exam.

  • As soon as you get the paper, fill in the details and read the instructions carefully. 

  • Just relax and do not discuss anything with anybody.

  • Have faith in yourself and visualize your success. Half the battle is won once you are infused with positive energy.
    Just concentrate on your exam hoping that you’ll easily get through. try your level best and give it your best shot! 


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