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BITSAT 2018: Top Dos and Don’ts for one day before exam!


Top Dos and Don’ts

Majority of the engineering aspirants take the BITS Pilani entrance exam to gain an entry into the prestigious campuses of BITS Pilani at Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. The competition is extremely high and hence, just hard work cannot assure you success. You need to be preparing in the right direction. In addition to this, you also need to be smart enough to adopt the correct strategy.

As the exam approaches, the level of stress keeps on increasing. These days are extremely crucial. This is the time to brush up your skills and your anxiety level is bound to increase with each passing day. But, those who are able to manage their stress and concentrate on their preparation emerge as winners.

There is no thumb rule for the correct strategy and approach as it varies from person to person. Some people prefer studying till the last moment while others don’t do so. But stress is at its peak. The day preceding the final exam is the most difficult as students are agonized and perplexed. If you are one of those who prefer to study till the last moment, here are some of the pointers which can help you devise your last day plan:

  • Reconsider your flash cards: Do not refer any new topic and the textbooks. You may however; revisit your revision notes or refer highlighted points. But do not get panicky in case you are not able to recall some facts. Be calm and concentrate on revision.

  • A peep into the important topics: If you wish, you may go through some of the important topics again. This may include revision of formulae, important facts and figures.      

  • Sample Papers: You may also refer some of the previous year papers of BITSAT to revisit some of the peculiar questions asked in the last years. But this does not mean that you attempt to solve numerical. And mark my words; if you try solving some, you are bound to get wrong answers.

  • Do not skip meals: The last day is not meant for covering some new topic. Accept the fact that the preparation time is over. These 24 hours are just for brushing up the skills. Skipping meals can have a negative impact on your health and you cannot dare to take a risk at this crucial juncture. Have balanced light meals so that you don’t feel sleepy.

  • Relax, relax and relax: You need to attempt the paper with a fresh mind. And the last day is meant to regain the lost energy. If you keep on studying the whole day, this exertion can affect your performance on D-day. Hence, don’t exert, and finish off with your revision latest by afternoon or early evening.

  • Breathe and meditate: Aspirants are bound to feel stressed and exhausted on the day preceding the exam. Hence, in order to relax try to do some yoga exercises or meditation as this helps in relaxing nerves and muscles.    

  • Sleep well: Most of the students keep studying till late night and sleep for just 4 hours. As a result they feel sleepy during the exam. Moreover, one cannot think of attempting the tricky questions in such a state. It is crucial to take the exam with a fresh mind. 

You must also visit your centre once before the exam. This is just to avoid any kind of delay on the final day. Just be determined and positive and have faith in yourself. Visualize your success and you are through!      


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