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The IIT and Prejudice


As with any parent of a student aspiring to become a good engineer, even I was worried. Especially with so many options available to complete the graduation from and so many entrances to face it was ever more important for the students to make the right choices. IIT-JEE was and still is the most precious engineering entrance that any aspiring student would want to get through. It’s easier said than done.

When my son decided to appear for the IIT-JEE all I could think of was the extra hard work he would have to put in to succeed in it. I was pondering about how to ease his efforts. I was determined to make a contribution towards his future and ambition. I researched a lot through all available sources.
There were many tutorials giving good training to appear for the IIT-JEE but what I was looking for was the best one among them. Being from a remote location away from the big cities it was going to be a tough ask. Then, one fine day I received information from a friend about A little visit to their site caught my interest and I decided to discuss it with my son. 
This was a subsidiary firm of TransWeb Educational services Pvt. Ltd, providing all kinds of educational services. What interested me most was that the methodologies of teaching were online-interactive-realtime learning sessions, problem solving sessions and strategy sessions. This meant all I required was good internet connectivity. There was no hassle of traveling to far away cities for my son. He could get the tuition at home. Even my son seemed to like the idea. And we decided to get him enrolled on

I believe it was one of the most intelligent decisions of my life. While other tutorials have a few ex-IITians involved in the teaching process at all the instructors were ex-IITians. This meant the quality of guidance received by my son was the best available. He too was showing a lot of interest in the way of teaching. I could see improvement in his performance as well as his confidence about taking on the IIT-JEE. They were not only preparing him for the IIT-JEE but also for other engineering entrances.
They are offering various courses and you can choose the one suitable for your children. I am glad I decided to get my son tutored by The counseling sessions are not only useful for the aspiring student but also for the parents as it gives a good idea about what to expect and how to prepare you for what is expected. The people giving the counseling are the one’s who have been there and done that so whatever counseling you get is the right one.
With the help of and the hard work my son put in today he is completing his engineering from an IIT. I don’t think it would have been possible, without, for my son to prepare properly and succeed in IIT-JEE. Not only did he succeed in IIT-JEE but in every engineering entrance exam that he appeared for. has been a boon in my life.

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