Vicious Circle of Struggle

The very thought of IIT, subconsciously prepares you for a struggle. A struggle that is constant in its nature.

    The struggle begins with the preparation,

  • Struggle to cover the IIT-JEE syllabus

  • Struggle to score high in the test series

  • Struggle to memorize your concepts

And it continues till the end of your life. 

Once you get selected in IIT, you start struggling for your marks, struggle never stops with the passing days, 

even after you graduate, there is no relaxation on the amount of efforts that you lay each day. When you enter 

into the corporate world, the struggle starts all over again.

    So, the question is what is it that motivates a person to be an IITIAN.???

  • THE STRUGGLE, ( let me correct you, A Never Ending Struggle.)

  • a feeling of deep competition

  • or an appealing package

This should be the first and foremost question, occupying our mind, that why in the world we decide to go this 

way, choose a path which is no less than a battle field, where the only way to win is to keep up the fight.

    IITians are not great, its just their attitude that makes them different. As they have lived their life 

in the SOLE feeling of struggle, they meant to think in that way..

    Knowing the fact a place, can instill within us the very purpose of life why not dream of it, why not 

devote our few years of life for something which will give our life a new look, and add meaning to it.

    So, it is better to aim at a good thing and miss it than to aim at a bad thing & hit it. With this 

approach, we never fail in life even if it’s a matter of a constant struggle we are ready to fall into it.

    As, the person who never loses his enthusiasm, is a sure shot winner in his life. You must try out your 

ideas by visualizing them in action, let not the fear of losing the struggle hold you back. A new attitude 

invariably creates a new result.

    In this vicious circle each day is a new learning experience, even if we lose we do not quit, but we 

improve. The significance of a man is not what he attains but rather what he longs to attain.

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