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Last Minute Strategies for Cracking IIT JEE - 2009


By last minute, we mean 2-3 days to go.

- First of all, remember that you have prepared all year long, so whatever it is, it is going to be good.

- Just take very good and sound sleep in the last few days.

- Spend least time on phone because it only causes distraction and anxiety.

- Do not think about the pressure. Just think about Physics, Chemistry and Maths! Any formula missing out, check directly   that page in the notes. Do not look randomly here and there.

- Do not keep a book with you ,just because you have an exam in 2-3 days. Your preparation is complete. Just check the   things you had left for the last minute.

- On the night before the exam, take light food and go to bed on time.

- Take some chocolates with you. They provide instant energy.

- After the first paper, do not discuss the answers among your friends.

- Even if the first paper did not go very well according to your expectation, do not worry because it may have been the   same for all. Remember it a relative examination in which your performance is measured relative to others. You can  cover it up in the second paper.

- And the most important of all, keep your spirits high. You will be able to give all you have only when you have this   confidence with you. Howsoever weird and many-time heard it may sound, it is the most important part of the strategy.

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