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How Can IIT Make Your Life Disciplined???


What is it that makes 3 letter word, a matter of life & death. When a student is just having the time of his life, beginning to enjoy the last 3 years of school, at the same time he is burdened with the thoughts of being an IITian. Sometimes, the thoughts come from within and mostly from the pressure of his family. 

      Does a 16 year old child give up everything & devote himself only to become an IITian?? 

     I see a boy named Sam with a pair of thick glasses who keeps himself locked in a room and is seen out is when he is hungry. 

     I get excited each time the door bell rings or the phone trings. But this boy runs back to the room & prays to God, “Please not my friends again”, he is scared to go out & play. He believes a football or for that matter any game will act as a force, that is bound to distract, from achieving his goal. 

    I felt really sad for him, he needed some change, he was not like others. I thought he is little abnormal. How a simple game or simple outing can deviate a person’s thought. I could never imagine a person giving up everything for a goal. 

    Later, that evening I discussed this matter with an experienced person, he evaluated everything, then expressed his thoughts, and said. It is good to have a goal, a vision. Until & unless, you don’t have a goal in life the purpose of life fails. 

    The boy is quiet clever to having set a goal at an early age. 

    This 5 minutes conversation changed my way of perceiving things, earlier I use to make fun of little kids, who use to say I want to fly a plane, & would run away with a paper plane or a kid with a screw-diver & claim themselves as super engineers, but with the change in my perception, I realized, if you really wish for something, it is bound to fall under your umbrella, 

    Thinking of being an IITian is not impossible or tough. A single thought of becoming big, introduces you to a life which has a goal, a purpose to live for. 

    Now, when I look at Sam. I truly appreciate his efforts. The best part about IIT or any competitive exam is, it teaches discipline, even if you don’t get through it, the time of preparation, is whole lot of learning experience. Do not just value the end result, work hard, stay focused as nothing stands in front of a willing heart & strong determination.


Shazia Choudhary

Askiitians Team

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