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Muslims lack motivation, not talent: IIT-JEE successful Muslim candidates


The vision of is always to reach those who want to crack gruesome IIT JEE.Cracking IIT JEE is like a crusade which these Muslim youths proved.

It is being said that Muslim youths nowadays are in news for bad reasons most of the time. But this is not always. 

Here are four successful Muslim students who cracked IIT JEE 2008 with flying colors.

Md.Syed Shauzab Murtaza’s story

Murtza is very excited because he holds 5407 All India Rank in JEE. He never expected the same.He belongs to a village of Hajipur, a town near Patna district. He did his schooling at Patna. He said his physics subject was very weak. But he was strong in Maths and Chemistry.

Son of Syed Ejaz Hussain, a small businessman, Shauzab said that being economically weak he could not afford the cost of different coaching institutes for preparation of IIT JEE. He, however, was determined to compete IIT-JEE and never thought about another engineering college.

Tips from Shauzab for cracking IIT JEE

Shauzab said that students should have command on whatever he studies. One should never take any subject or topic easy. Equal stress on all subjects is needed to crack this challenging entrance test for India’s premier IITs. “Mark the questions which you were unable to solve in the first attempt. After a day or two, try again that question. If still you are unable to solve, then consult your guide. It is not good to consult teacher just after a single attempt. This method will improve one’s confidence level and make the concept clear forever,” Shauzab suggested those who are preparing for IIT-JEE.He thanked Allah for his success and also his teachers and parents. He will prefer mechanical trade, if proposed, in counseling, he said.

A gang of four IIT-JEE successful Muslim candidates from Patna's Super 30 coaching

Md Aquibur Rahman’s story

Another successful candidate Md Aquibur Rahman, who hails from Purnia district of Bihar, wants to spare some time to serve his community with his IIT cracking acumen.He is keen to choose the discipline of electronics engineering. Muslim students are not lacking in merits but they soon become victims of frustration.“We should never be frustrated, rather should have strong confidence in our will and ability,” says Aquib, son of Asifur Rahman, a school teacher.

Md.Imbesat Hasan Rizvi’s story

Another successful candidate ,elated but humble Imbesat Hasan Rizvi shared his saying that he came from very poor background and this target was his dream which he made true with his tireless labor. He has interest in Petroleum Engineering. After completing it from IIT, he will go ahead for M. Tech and then will face  CAT for management course. Imbesat, who is the resident of Darbhanga district, holds 5368 rank in IIT-JEE 2008.

Ekhlaque Hussain’s story

Excited and jubilant Ekhlaque Hussain told that he never imagined the day when a huge gathering would assemble to congratulate him and to listen his strategy of studies. Ekhlaque ranked 7222. Since he is very interested in Mathematics, he wants to seek admission in B. Tech in Mathetical Computing.

All showed their determination to serve the Muslim community by any means they can have access to. They hoped that now many Muslims will clear IIT-JEE every year.

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