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Do's and Don'ts for AIIMS 2018 - A Short Rulebook to Success


AIIMS is the dream college of all aspiring doctors. AIIMS is so prestigious that the pass outs are absorbed into other institutions further by just the name of the institute. The students of AIIMs are always looked on with respect. And rightly so it makes the AIIMS entrance exam one the toughest entrance examinations. The date for AIIMS 2018 Exam is 27th May 2018. Now as less than 2 weeks are left for the exam, have a look at the Dos and Don’ts to follow while preparing and writing the AIIMS 2018 Exam.  

  • Do as much revision as possible:  Your preparation strategy now must get converted into revision strategy now. Make a proper revision schedule covering all the topics. Go through your class notes, remember different assumptions and conditions associated with different formulae, read important derivations carefully to understand the concept and then practice as much as possible.

  • Don’t go to new concepts and topics: It is strongly suggested that you must not attempt any new section during final lap of preparation for AIIMS 2018. Also, avoid writing the theoretical statements on paper or repeat the entire theory again and again. You will lose out on time!

  • Focus on strong areas and scoring topics: To score good marks in AIIMS 2018 entrance exam, it is important to revise the entire syllabus. Now since the time is running very fast, you cannot go through it all again. So now put your emphasis on all the important topics and sectionals which your teachers/coaching institutes would have prescribed. It is better to thorough the important topics than vaguely going through the entire course at the last moment.

  • Practice, practice, practice: The competitive exams are relative exams where you have to perform well as compared to your peers. So, practice plays a vital role here. The more you practice, more you enhance your exam taking skills and examination temperament. Mock tests actually do the same for you, thus it is advised to take as many mock tests as possible.

Exam Day Things to Remember- The Do's

  • Approach your strong and weak areas differently: It is advisable to attempt sections in AIIMS 2018 question paper based on your strength and weakness. Like, if you think Biology is your best prepared subject, you must attempt it first. It will not only be easier, but it will also help you consume less time and this will save more time for the other tougher subjects. More questions from Biology you will solve, it will enhance your confidence level and ease the exam pressure. Try to solve as much question as you can without wasting much time in tricky questions in your AIIMS 2018 entrance exam.

  • After attempting the strong topic you must attempt the topic in which you are weakest. Try to solve the question in this section with full concentration and give a little extra time to it. Be very clear while marking answer. Never blindly guess the answer as there are negative marks involved. You must give 5 to 10 minutes extra time to your weaker section as compared to other subjects.

  • Time Management: The exam duration for AIIMS 2018 is 3 hours. The way you manage those crucial 3 hours makes all the difference at the lime of results. Time management is the biggest factor in scoring maximum marks.” According to experts, first attempt simple and those questions in which you feel confident. And then go for the difficult questions in the second round. Never let your mind stay here or there. Be alert and active. You would want to leave questions which you know because of lack of time! 

  • Don’t get stuck on one question: You should not waste too much of time on one question. There may be questions involving case of lengthy calculations, then use approximation method to derive the answer of the given questions. 

  • Keep calm and avoid silly mistakes: You must be calm and composed throughout the exam. Being in a calm state reduces the exam pressure and maintains the concentration throughout the exam duration. Silly mistakes are the doings of a cluttered mind. Keep your mind free of worries. Believe in your preparations. Tell yourself that you have prepared well and now you have to give your best.

  • Try to complete all sections 10 minutes prior to the stipulated time: you should finish the question paper 10 minutes before the stipulated time of AIIMS 2018 entrance examination. In last 10 minutes you should verify the information entered in the answer sheet and try to solve those question in which you have doubts. But make it a point to review your answer sheet before final submission, whatever may come.

Dos and Dont's during the AIIMS 2018 Exam

It is good to have a checkpoint before you go for any exam. Following are some crucial Dos and Don’ts as you go for AIIMS 2018.  



Carefully read the instructions given on the AIIMS 2018 question paper.

Don’t be in a hurry to finish off the exam asap. While it is important to finish it in time, but hurrying might make you mark the wrong answers

Fill all the information correct, like your roll no, your name etc.

Don’t use pen where pencil is required.

Read the questions carefully and mark right answers, use cross for very difficult and circle for less difficult questions as you skip them to move on.

Don’t start with the difficult questions first, it may hamper your confidence.

First solve all those questions in which you are confident and thus you will feel motivated.

Don’t jump here and there haphazardly as you might miss out on some question. Sequentially solve the different sectionals.

If you have finished the paper in time, revise and then re-revise.

Don’t brood over the difficult questions if you don’t know their answers. Remember that it is supposed to be a difficult entrance test and everyone would be feeling the same.

First complete all those questions which are marked right, after that go for circle ones, then at last the crossed ones.

Don’t waste too much of time on one question. It might make you run out of time for many other simple questions.


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