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AIIMS 2018 – Some Useful Last Minute Preparation Tips


IF cracking the JEE Advanced is your visa to the most prestigious engineering institution, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) MBBS entrance test holds the key to the college where all aspiring doctor dream of launching their careers. With just 50 seats up for grab and over a lakh applicants fighting for the AIIMS 2018 exam, makes this race searing hot. Now with just a couple of days to the big day, what shall be done to score above the rest? Let’s find out.

Pick and choose what you study: Though to score well in AIIMS 2018 entrance exam, it is important to revise the entire syllabus, but now since the time is running quickly, you would need to put extra attention on all the important topics and sections which would help you score more. You should rather go through few selected topics instead of just doing a hush-hush over everything.

  • Forget all that’s left: Do not get into topics which are entirely new to you. There is no time left to start from the scratch. Even if you are able to cover it, you won’t be able to revise anything, which can turn your AIIMS 2018 exam into a disaster.

  • Do as much revision as possible: There is no fresh studying now, just revision. Make a proper revision schedule covering all the topics. Refer your class notes, go through different formulae, read important derivations, carefully understand the concepts and then practice as much as possible.

  • Stick to a schedule: Make a study plan each day and no matter what stick to it. If a topic doesn’t end in the allotted time, leave it and go on to the next in the list. Get back to the first one at the end.

  • Practice, practice, practice: You just not have to perform the best according to your calibre, but also have to beat the rest. Only practice plays a vital role here. Solve mock papers whenever you have time. The more you practice, better will be your exam taking skills and examination temperament. Since mock tests actually do the same for you, take as many as you can.

Apart from this, keep your mind free from all anxiety and fear as everyone around you is under the same pressure. 


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