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5 Must Read Books for Cracking NEET (AIPMT)

5 Must Read Books for Cracking NEET (AIPMT)With NEET (AIPMT) (All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Test) 2015 exam just 5 months away, are you still confused among the various books to be referred in the preparation process?

Well, we can understand that getting your hand on the right book is a tough task. With many number of books, by various authors, it's difficult to decide as which books to choose that suit best for NEET (AIPMT) preparation. But, here is a list of books to help you clear the examination with flying colours.

From Biology to Physics and from Inorganic Chemistry to Physical Chemistry, we will help you choose the best books to hit the bull’s eye.


Below is the list of 5 must read books for cracking NEET (AIPMT) 2015


Trueman's Biology (Theory)Book # 1:Trueman's Biology (Theory)

Biology as a subject forms an integral part of NEET (AIPMT) exam. Since, it constitutes nearly 50% weightage in any PMT exam; hence, its importance cannot be denied by any PMT aspirant.

The book Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class XI provides all the basic concepts in clear and precise manner to help students prepare well for any medical entrance exams. Trueman’s Elementary Biology is a very useful guide for the students and adopts an excellent approach to explain the key concepts.


Book # 2: Pradeep Publication's BiologyPradeep Publication's Biology

Pradeep Publications is one of the India’s most renowned publishing houses. Pradeep Publication's Biology is a comprehensive textbook for science students who are preparing for their medical competitive examinations.

Those students who are preparing for their medical entrance exams may refer this book as it features all the necessary information required and provides all the basic concepts to the students to help them prepare for the upcoming NEET (AIPMT) examination in a better way.    


H.C. Verma PhysicsBook # 3:H.C. Verma Physics

Those students who are not certain about the best book for physics preparation may refer H.C. Verma’s Physics books. HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics is the best book for NEET (AIPMT) preparation in terms of solving problems.

 Besides covering all the topics related to NEET (AIPMT) syllabus, it also features various solved and unsolved problems for students to practice. Apart from this, students can also find numerical exercises which have been designed to assist them in understanding the concept easily.


Book # 4: Morrison and Boyd Organic ChemistryMorrison and Boyd Organic Chemistry

If you are looking forward to learn the important fundamentals and principles of organic chemistry in simple words, Morrison and Boyd’s organic chemistry can be the best book for you.

The book has crisp subject matter which helps students in revising the chapter properly. Students who study this book properly can score good marks in the NEET (AIPMT) exam.

Some of the prominent features of the book are:

  • Comprehensive revision of theory
  • Very short, short & long answer type questions with answers
  • Previous years’ papers
  • Model test papers


RC Mukherjee Physical ChemistryBook # 5 RC Mukherjee Physical Chemistry

RC Mukherjee’s physical chemistry is considered one of the best books for NEET (AIPMT) preparation. It helps in building concepts and covers all types of numerical related to physical chemistry.

The best part about the book is that you can find all the learning aids such as chapter summaries, suggestions and keywords throughout the book. Students may also find many solved examples with step-by-step explanations apart from the unsolved problems and exercises with a range of difficulty.

There are many books available in the market, but the above five are the best in terms of quality and reliability. Remember, if you follow these books properly along with the NCERT books, you are sure to excel in your NEET (AIPMT) examination.

All the Best!


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